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  1. Hanzo

    Hanzo Monkey+++

    Today's theme ingredient is venison.

    Backstrap was for lunch. Couldn't waste it in soup.


    Here's a few steaks.


    Browning a few pounds for venison barley soup tonight. Should be perfect for a cold windy rainy night.

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  2. Yard Dart

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    Very nice Hanzo, enjoy!!!!
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  3. Hanzo

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    The backstrap was great. Seared on the outside, medium rare on the inside.

    Thought I was going to have the largest portion. Wrong! Little monkey ate all of hers and took half of mine. She knew better than to take her Momma's. ;)
  4. techsar

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    You're making me hungry...and I just finished dinner!
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  5. Yard Dart

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    And here I have not eaten yet.....starving :eek:
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  6. Hanzo

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    Soup is thickening and looks very hearty.

  7. Hanzo

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    Plus... For the dessert impaired.
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  8. KAS

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    finaly something that aint raw or wrapped in rice!!!!!
    they got dear out there??
    you better fry that back strapppp!!!!!
    no ice creammmmm!!!!!!!!
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  9. Hanzo

    Hanzo Monkey+++

    We have axis deer. Back strap was the first to go! I rubbed a little of the seasoning mix that I make on it and pan fried it in butter. Medium rare. Maybe a little more rare than medium. Delicious!

    Didn't have ice cream. We are in our cold season. Been in the mid-50s overnight and sometimes we don't crack 70 during the day. I know it's all relative. But that is cold for this island boy who pretty much just wears shorts and t-shirts.
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