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    I hate that word.

    I had a severe case of vertigo after standing from a reclining position where I'd been reading. I intended to step out through the door, but found myself in the corner of the room, looping first into one wall and then the other. I stayed on the floor and took a nap, feeling stable enough to make it to the ER the next morning.

    CT scan and EKG were normal. Got some Meclizine that seems to help me stay stable, although it's a medicated feeling.
    Like I would be falling if it wasn't holding me up. Zofran helps with the nausea.

    I thought this all might be related to my glasses, since I wore an older prescription while I had my regular frames repaired. I was only slightly relieved to hear that something in my middle ear is broken and in time will heal itself.

    I wish it'd hurry up! This is like being stuck on the twist-a-whirl at the carnival.
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  3. BTPost

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    Also check your Hydration Level....
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  4. Ura-Ki

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    Got a bad case of that mid Atlantic on the way to Germany, worst feeling ever! Mine was a combo middle ear/sinus infection made worse because of the altitude and pressure! I thought i was gonna die!
    They took me off feet first and to the base E.R. for a look!
    Flight surgeon cleared me and sent me on my way with a bunch of antibiotics!
  5. hot diggity

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    Feels a lot like this.
  6. duane

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    Blood pressure drops on me at times 100 over 60 or so, so when I get up quick, I sometimes get it. Use a cane at times as if you don't have something to hang onto for reference you aren't in charge. He** of a feeling to be totally out of control and not able to stand up. Knowing that if something was to happen, there is nothing you can do.
  7. UncleMorgan

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    Vertigo is bad enough, but the nausea is even worse.

    Skip the drugs for nausea. Instead, make a rosemary tea by simmering the spice in water. Make a lot, make it dark, and then store it in a glass bottle in the fridge.

    A couple of sips (MOL) will stop even the worst nausea almost instantly.

    It keeps a year or more.

    Vertigo can be caused by low BP, ear infections, or a dozen other things. Omega 3 fish oil taken as a supplement can also trigger vertigo.
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    I had it also from an ear infection, walked like a drunk and was worried I would fall down the stairs. I also had it skiing in white out conditions in the Alps. Got caught in a storm on a mountain top, you couldn't see10 feet in front of you, all white, we knew about where the Lodge was so simply let our skis show us which way was down and made it to cover. It's a real sick feeling, when your body doesn't know which way is up or down...
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  9. Borrego

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    I had similar issues from an inner ear condition....get that checked if nothing else works........bummer......
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  11. Meat

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    Be patient. It usually takes time. I thought I was dying when it hit me. Long story with some good laughs actually. Certainly not funny at the time. Get well soon.
  12. hot diggity

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    I made it back to work today and the movement seems to be helping. I'm feeling a little less medicated and more like I'm balancing myself now. That's better than I felt this morning. It was a strange sensation where I felt internally unstable, but was held up by what I can only describe as a force-field of medication. I think I know how an armature feels, spinning inside a field frame.

    From where I was Thursday I knew it could only get better. There was no worse. (y)
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  13. jefferson

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    Vertigo issues will makes more stress and tension in a person life. So better to seek health care advices is good to overcome in the early stages.
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  14. mechstdr

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    you can live with it. i have it, it's no fun for sure, had it for 3-4 yrs. now. when it was bad, came up to a stop sign and looked both ways, oh man! pulled off the road and had to sit for 20 mins. for the spinning to stop, didn't puke but close! rough time changing oil on vehicles, can't lay flat on my back, it causes nausea and it gets worse the longer i'm down, again no fun. i went to therapy, etc. for it it's lots better now but still have bouts occasionally. will keep fingers crossed for you and hope you persevere.
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  15. Meat

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    My little Cambodian friend has it pretty much full time sadly. I’m thankful mine went away and has never returned.
  16. mechstdr

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    sorry to hear about your friend, but glad you're better. mine is much better now than at the start. (thank you lord). hasn't gone away completely but it's livable now
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    Been dealing with it for several months now, Come to find out 70% blockage in the carotid artery on the left side.
    Here we go! Getting a ream/scrape job on the 21st.
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  18. mechstdr

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    will keep my fingers crossed and say a prayer for you that all goes well Mr. Gator.
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