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    As a result, some forums have initiated a "hijack-free" forum zone (usually one heading out of total) which allows all posters to have total control over their own threads so they are able to delete any posts which stray from the topic.

    These tactics were used heavily during the 2003 assault on Iraq, and even during the 9-11 tragedy. Often times, many Neo-Cons would each have several accounts per forum and spam the topics relentlessly, often times inciting violent responses and virtually causing the entire website to close or lose its primary member base. Added to this, there is hacking, with foreign outlets inspiring youthful crackers to install "root kits", overtaking the forum and replacing it with a splash screen. Some countries such as Brazil have literally tens of thousands of teenage crackers who are rallied to attack websites on every whim of their admin support from various hacker sites. Whether or not they work for the secret US government is irrelevant, the fact remains that these cyber-crackers are e-mercenaries and do not care who they affect.
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    Interesting you specify the 'Neo-Cons' - my experience has been that the gun and sporting forums get hacked and attacked by rabid Libtards. They don't like our sport, so they try to crash us. Basically, the mindset of a naughty small child.......

    Even some 'professional' forum sites aren't immune to their antics. Being a mainframe programmer, I found a couple forums based in India (apparently 'mainframe capital of the world' now!), and they had some good info for a couple problems I was having. Unfortunately, the small-minded got on to it and soon had it bogged down with cussing and smut. Got to the point I could not risk opening it at work......
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    Yeah, I am sure the Liberals try the same but I can only speak from experience. Liberals are very good at sabotage and disinformation, but they lack competency to sustain well planned tactics as I have seen with the Bush protection squad back in the day. I suppose no matter the side, each has a very contemptible way of ruining the freedom of sharing knowledge online.

    I still remember being banned from a popular right-wing conservative forum in less than 5 minutes after posting some info about the catholic church.
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    I got banned yesterday from a forum ... :D
    A prick started a post screaming for bombing of Iran...I just said that every country has the right to make its own nuclear power reactor, and they banned me for being conspiracy theorist!...ROFLMAO!.... :D

    I'm thinking about serving them with nice long DDoS...just to say thanks.... :D
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    Heck, go a step further and tell them that we actually BUILD the reactors for them, train them, and then we invade after they have it running. It's the truth.
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