VERY SCARY!!! Evidence of terrorist crossing the border

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by E.L., Jun 3, 2006.

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    :shock: :eek:

    Any thoughts on what kind of day June 6, 2006 is going to be?
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    What terrorists can cross the southern border, I thought only hardworking Hispanics were only coming across. Yeah, we need to have a guest worker program and Amnesty for the illegals already here [BSf]
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    Can't be - 60 Minutes said so!

    I turned on 60 minutes last week for the first time in 10 years and they had a piece on "Illegal Migrants" as they called them. Incredibly softball interviews and liberal views abounded with the conclusion "So all the money we've spent has been for nothing?" "Yes". Right - the fences have made them come through the deserts and mountains and they're dying in droves - we have trucks that all they do is look for "Migrants" in trouble. We have choppers flying all over looking for them too - incredible resources being used up because we're supposed to care if they die in the desert.

    Clinton's ex-head of the Border Patrol said it's all been a waste, and that no terrorists have ever been caught. Hmm, I thought about all the child molesters and MS-13 gang members but of course they never mentioned them. They found one guy dead in the desert and went all the way to his hometown and talked to his family. They had paid $300 to get him across so he could work and send money back. Another "migrant" who got caught shed a tear as he told 60 minutes he only wanted to work "so his family could have a new tin roof on their house". It was sickening, and now I'm reminded why I don't watch 60 minutes!
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    Hey Bro, you live in the Valley? Channel 5 makes a big deal out of everything, do not get your panties in a wad. It is for the ratings.

    iIlive 5 miles from the border [no]
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