VES Sucks, Waste Money and sends Vets on Long Trips, What BS.

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    So you thought the VA was bad?
    Now we have a sub group that defines the word inefficiency!

    Yes Ladies and Germs. the VES ( sent out 3 over night FedEx packets to the same vet for the same Med exam. Cost ? Well I figure $30 bucks a pop.

    Never mind that the exam was BS as it is just a "fact finding" look see since the vet was denied Service Connection due to the old Agent Orange rules. All the information is in the files certified by the Hospitals and Docs.

    And did I mention the trip to the doc is over 80 miles from the Vet's home? This is just a standard MD with 40+ years and about to retire.

    All paid for by the VA, this means the 3 Packets,the mileage and the Docs fee!

    Just another VA project lining some Political Hack's pocket.

    VA are you reading this?????

    How do I know?

    I wrote the Vet's claim and it is solid and from 2000.
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