Veteran Claims Wrongly Denied

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    An article in the October 2019 AARP stated that nearly a third of veterans who needed emergency health care had their reimbursement claims improperly rejected by the VA. About 17,400 veterans who sought care at non-VA facilities were turned down for payment. The Office of Inspector General reported the reason for the mistakes "Rushed and slipshod processing that prioritized quantity over quality".
    As a Vet this really "ticks" me off. I wonder how many Senators or Congress delegates were denied any claims. No answer needed.
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    I'm sure Bernie will have to come out of pocket for his recent visit....:rolleyes:
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    Seems like the wrong person is being criticised.....The problems cited in the OP at the VA is an operational issue, which falls squarely at the feet of the executive branch.

    The screw up in VA has nothing to do with Bernie, but everything to do with VA secretaries [​IMG] David Shulkin and [​IMG] Robert Wilkie. They have had 3 years to sort out the VA portfolio. But perhaps Shulkin should have spent more time working on VA business instead of sight seeing Europe with his Mrs at the taxpayers' expense, and perhaps if Robert Wilkie gave fewer inspirational 'Lost Cause' speeches to his pro-confederacy constituents, then perhaps the VA might be gingered up to process claims in a timely manner. I guess it could have been worse...This dude [​IMG] could have been the head of the VA.:eek:
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    We know that, chelly.
    The reference to the bern's visit to a VA facility, well, that's meaningless in the context of criticism of the VA and its management.
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    Put 4 years in USAF but was a peace time vet, so no real benefits, but my limited experience with the VA is it is like any other institution, the care and quality of care has nothing to do with the institution and all to do with the individual in the bureaucratic system that you deal with. I have seen vets with very similar problems go to the same center and the outcomes of their interactions were very different. In some cases their contacts worked their butts off and got them excellent care, in others they drew contacts that either went thru the motions or took the easy way out and they got rotten care, but the system protects all the case workers so no one is punished or rewarded. In addition it seems that the diversity and normal burn out tends to evolve it into a system where the least qualified and least interested in the vet end up in the majority. Leadership, ie Trump or the secretary, have very little impact on the creatures of the swamp as they live in their own private world. Some people believe that the medical system, education, etc, should be run for the good of all. The USSR, the VA, almost all socialist countries, and such, have shown that results aren't always positive.

    Don't know the answer, throwing money at the problem will not work, just end up with bigger palaces and more drone workers, changing leadership doesn't work, the institution protects those in it, effective or not, making it "accountable" usually ends up hurting the clients more than those providing the services, privatizing it usually end up costing a lot more money and what used to be called waste is now called profit, and a few big "providers" prove that you don't have to build F-35's to scr** the government. My limited experience has been that if some organization is helping the vet, VFW, American Legion. or such, the outcome is likely to be much better. The swamp hates waves and day light. While the individual is easily ignored, any group is trouble to them and it is hard to punish a group. If you are really concerned about the vet care, help out, drive them to the meeting, go with them to the visit, push the wheel chairs, and if nothing else you will learn that when you get there, you will make da** sure MS Smith is not going to be your friends case worker. Don't know the long term solution, still trying to find the most caring alligators in the swamp.
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    I’d rather pay for my healthcare than go to the VA. They suck. They seem to suck slightly less than they did under obama but maybe that is because i moved since then and this local va is slightly less sucky... no way to know for sure. The main this is they sure as heck don’t want vets using all the benefits we were promised. They make it darn near impossible to do!
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    My own experience with the VA has not been a good one. As a young soldier I had a knee operation in 1980. I happened to be on special assignment so there were no US military facilities so I went to the Host nation's military hospital. I had no problems, it was a good hospital and I went on to spend a few more years in the military, no problems and no medical profile, honorable discharge after 8 years, even ran lots of marathons. Now, I just turned 66 years-old, knee is really starting to be a problem and I go to the VA and do the 'song and dance' and come to find out they have lost my records and advise me to "contact or travel to the hospital that performed the surgery and...etc." except that hospital is in The Netherlands and, frankly, I can't even remember its name or town or even if it still exists. So, I've simply given up. Screw'em…I don't want their help.

    Having said this... The major problem with the VA is that it is simply too damn big. Let me repeat that. TOO. DAMN. BIG. They have had numerous excellent Directors and none of them can get their hands around it because of the administrative nightmare due to it's size and the bureaucratic tape involved due to the amount of money.

    Furthermore, there is a hell'va lot of abuse concerning the VA. I can recalled numerous friends that played the VA game and came away with a small disability pension for life. I specifically remember a friend of mine hurt his shoulder playing softball during his off time and he's getting 10%.

    In my mind, the government hasn't done anything major enough to actually fix the problem with the VA because we have heard about it year, after year, after year...

    So, change regulations concerning medical aid after departure from the service. Medical aid should only be for problems occurred while on-the-job not off hours, not civilian car accidents, not playing soccer, not you got drunk and fell down the stairs at on-base-housing, etc.

    Another option is to eliminate the VA completely and simply issue the member a card for use at local hospitals.

    And, finally, perhaps we should change our policy of using our military like a damn World Police force because the cost of doing so can continue on for decades and decades and generations and generations...and everyone but our elite pays the price.

    Rant is now finished.
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    In dealing with the VA, it's hard to beat boots on the ground. Chelly's comments - just ignore, doesn't live with the system.
    As a Vet with service connected issues and disabilities, - retired - the local VA has to be my first option.
    I've had mixed results with non-VA health care, mostly no better than my local VA up to the limit of what the VA is equipped to handle.
    Most of the time, the VA will cover all expenses and any out of pocket cost to me are rather insignificant, so no complaints there.
    As to actual care, there again, depends on the individual you have to deal with, and that will very depending on the attitude of the individual and how you treat them as to the impression you come away with.
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    I have to agree so far I've been treated very well by ALL the VA facilities near me!
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