Veterans Day

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    To all of our veteran Monkeys... Thanks for your service


    Witch Doctor... Capt. USAF [usaf]
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    In Australia, today is known as Armistice Day, or more frequently latterly, Remembrance Day, now that the end of WWI is a more distant memory for many.

    Armistice Day - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Soldiers celebrating the news of the Armistice.

    They seem to be very happy Americans, judging by the accoutrements.

    Image: Time Life Pictures/US Army Signal Corps/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images
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    A very respectful Happy Veteran's Day to all who served; past, present and future.
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    If you can read this in English, thank a veteran.
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    Chelloveck - When is ANZAC day?
    I'm familiar with the story behind it, which is a fascinating piece of history.
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    ANZAC day is on April 25th.
    Anzac Day - Australian Army

    Anzac Day - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Another memorial day of note to Australians , particularly those in Queensland, recognises the servicemen, Australian and American who fought the Japanese during the Battle of the Coral Sea (1942).

    Battle of the Coral Sea, 4-8 May 1942 | Australian War Memorial



    As a little known side note, as I understand it....Australians also served in Confederate and Union sides during the American Civil War.

    The 7.30 Report - ABC

    Australia and the American Civil War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Attention!! Officer on deck!!!

    With all due respect, Sir...
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    If they really wanted to thank us, Veterans Day would be a day off, so us Marines could sleep off our hangovers from our birthday celebrations the night before.
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    To all who have served, past & present, Happy Veterans Day from this ol Sergeant!!!

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    Thank you for your service.[salute]
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    Having had personal experience with vets, and the aftermath of serving, I never know what to say on this day. 'Thank you', never seems to be enough.

    And, 'Thank you' is all I have. Many of us will never know the sacrifices you all have made or that your families have made. We will never know the struggles with combat fatigue or PTSD or loss of limb and life.

    All I can really see is the result of these sacrifices. Freedom. Despite our different view points and despite the apparent fights that are happening legally to maintain that freedom, without the men and women who have served in the military we would not be America, Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.

    Thank you!
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    Well said, Ganado.
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    While I do appreciate your standard response to people who tell me "thank you for your service" is to tell them that the best way to thank me is to make sure our government doesn't send any more of our sons and daughters off to fight in foreign crap-holes without a damned good reason for doing so.

    In that same vein, I don't thank recent sandbox vets...I apologize to them.
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    To all those who've served in war or peace, I pay my respects. I saw this yesterday and it reminds me of some people no longer with me so I'm sharing: FB_IMG_1447436183246.
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    It is remarkably rare that the age appropriate children and grand children of those who authorise the foreign deployment of service personnel rarely, if ever serve in the areas that one's country's military are sent to fight in. If it were compulsory for politicians' children and grand children to serve in the places that troops are sent to fight in....there may be less enthusiasm for sending troops overseas to fight. At the very least, the anxiety, pain and suffering would be equally shared by the governors as well as the governed.
  18. ghrit

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    Bring back the draft.
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  19. chimo

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    Sorry, but enslaving others to do our dirty work is not the answer. If you want a draft, force the President, Congress, DOD and all defense contractor executives not only to serve, but to serve right up front, where leaders are supposed to be.
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    Impractical and illogical. The game is played with the leader to the rear, because the game is over when the King dies
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