vg-10 or D2?

Discussion in 'Blades' started by PaleHorse, Nov 6, 2006.

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    hi all,
    Which do you think would be better for a daily carry fixed?
    VG-10 stainless or not completly stainless D2 high chromium, high carbon tool steel? They both claim to have a 60-62 RC and the price is about the same maybe $10 more for the VG-10. Anyone have any experience with these metals?
    Also what benefit realistically am I giving up If i go with a 3" blade vs a 4"? I know maybe dressing large game will be a bit more difficult, but in my area if the shtf there will be a lot more cats and squirrels than deer[stirpot]
    thnx y'all
  2. Bear

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    I don't have any real personal experience with these steels in a side by side comparison....

    Here are some good links discussing the benefits of them

    Here's a really good all around resource for steels by a guy who tests them to destruction in many cases.... Stamp has a pretty good reputation... and tests alot of knives by alot fo makers....

    Its all in Heat Treat.... take great steel for the right purpose and don't heat treat it properly and it will disappoint you every time..... JMHO....

    Hope this helps...;)
  3. Bishop Reigns

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    I have a ATR from Spyderco in VG-10 and love it. But to be honest I'd have to go with the D2 for a small fixed blade. Simply because I just like carbon steel's better when in the field. Easier to sharpen. Just my .02
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