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    Your personal thought's on the company and what do you think of the model they call the Hotwatt Wood Gasifier model with there gas engine set up for the unit with a stand all put togerther into one sized package that they say would be good for use on the homestead as part of the system to make basic power for the homestead ..

    it small enough to be a easly unit to work with along with a simple enough unit for a one person to handle with the feeding of the wood and other fuel's items ito the hopper for fuel along with beening easly to work on and keep running under any condition's that there is in the future.

    It rated up to 2500.watt's of power to charge the battery bank or device's as need also can make hot water and hot air also

    it design more for the off grid use and what do you think of them as part of the three way triangle of homestead power instead of haveing to worry about the grid and if it going down or when is it comeing back on

    my plan is use small piece's of wood along with junk mail and other junk paper i can get to burn in it ..
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    Well If I go this route I think I am going to a larger unit than that and I'm pretty sure on the usage of wood pellets of which I am also planning on buying.
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    i made a stove from big truck wheels.thick, heavy and perfect.i'll be making my own briquette press and make my own fuel.i try to avoid anything that has electricity or needs electricity.getting ready for dark
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  4. I would look at more Gasifiers then just the ones they sell

    Ben makes some pretty Gasifiers but they are high priced too.
    I would do some more looking before I got a little gasifier for such a high price. I know a guy who sells gasifiers ready to run and up to 80kw Gen sets for less then Bens small Gasifiers ;)

    just my two cents

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    Ervinger Inc makes Wood Gasifier Generators from 5kw to 18kw as well as water pumps. Don't know much about the company or the products yet but it is one option I have found online.

    Gasifier Power Systems

    Anyone know anything aobut them?
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    Once again you guys are top shelf with staying ahead of the other sites when it comes to new products and information. [applaud] Kingfish
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  7. Hello, I have been building gasifiers for over 2 years and Ervinger Inc Gasifiers looks like a fema gasifier kit to me and you dont have to buy a cheep kits like that you can build one with house hold stuff and 2- 50gal barrels here is a link for plans
    If the world is ending and all you had was a fema gasifier you would make it about 5 days then your Gen set would be all full of tar and not run anymore. The best way to filter out tar is not to make it.
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    to me it should be part of a person power triangle system that they can build at there homestead and to me to the fact that i can make power in three forms in solar and wind and wood gasifier for chargeing the battery bank
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    this would be something that you should be looking at your place because of the fact that in the winter time the solar does produce as much as power it was need for chargeing the battery system that you might want to install
  10. hank2222 your 100% right! A Gasifier works so good with solar power because its solar power too just in a battery called wood or biomass.

    With a gasifier and biomass you get 3 great things Heat, Syngas and biochar!

    With the heat you can heat a 200 or 300gal water tank(hot water battery) and use it for bathing, radiant heating and cooking.

    With the Syngas you can fuel a Gen set to charge battery banks, run large water pumps or even fuel a truck if you had to.

    With the biochar you get a great organic fertilizer that may help stop global warming.

    It should be part of a person power triangle system![applaud]
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    Thanks for the information and the link. Someone with a working knowledge and experience is certainly worth listening to and learning from. Thanks again.
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