Video Cameras Equal Safety ????

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by BigO01, Mar 21, 2008.

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    Was watching the evening news last night and the state of Florida has a new law in the works that will require all 24 hour stores to have video surveillance .

    It seems the law was inspired by a Police Officer being murdered on a Walgreen's parking lot and the killers not being found .

    In an interview with a state Congressman he said businesses have a responsibility to make sure their customers can get in and out of the store safely .

    How odd that someone thinks this makes them more safe , more then half of the time when a local TV station airs the video of a crime the video is of such poor quality or at the wrong angle to actually capturer a recognizable picture it is of little use to anyone .

    Funny how the state wants to mandate how a private business protects its customers and spends it's money while local police are often more interested in generating revenue for the city with traffic tickets rather than patrolling high crime areas .
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    What I don't understand is that any businesses that has these cctv system installed; have their cameras set on the widest field posible for the widest coverage posible. Which mean any small features are not identifiable. So back to square one. I am glad I left that state when I did
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    yup, have cameras in the parking lot so the description of the attacker can be "male with hooded jacked" If you've seen this person please call the police.

    um, yeah, right. I'll stick with my CCW for "security"
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    +1 on that its the same issue with gun control...
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    +1, the sheeple are being conditioned to accept the constant survalence of their lives. Next up comes the street corners and multi signature camera adaptions. So the police will know who is carrying a gun, knife or whatever. Hey they got it going in Britain, and look at how much it reduced their civil liber... crime i mean.
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