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    I was going to write one up from scratch but once I did a little looking around I found a great video right there on YouTube that does a lot better job in teaching you how too that I could write it up...

    Using eight feet rope with loops, learn how firefighters tie a victim to a rescue harness in this free firefighting video from a fire captain.

    Basic Firefighting Knots : Firefighting Knots: Tying Rescue Harnesses - YouTube

    <HEADER>Video Transcript

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    What we're going to demonstrate and discuss is how to apply and tie a rescue harness around a victim using a simple piece of rope. We take our piece of rope and we need at least eight to ten feet of rope to tie our double loop figure eight. We then take our bite that we formed with that eight to ten foot of rope and tie our double loop figure eight. Which, is going to form our leg loops. We then pass those leg loops over the victim's legs and pull those leg loops up to form the seat part of the harness. We form another bite in the rope, twist it several times and place it over the victim's head and arms. And, then take the standing part of the rope and pull it tight. We now have the harness tied from a simple piece of rope to rescue a victim from any situation that we need to provide.
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