Video: MSNBC Turns on Obama, Admits Benghazi Cover-Up

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Quigley_Sharps, May 10, 2013.

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    MSNBC isn’t a news organization. It’s a commentary company that uses the news to justify pro-establishment liberal statism. The news is just a tool to them, and they ignore the important headlines to push their agenda. It’s that simple. They aren’t here to give you the truth — their here to tell you what to people, and ignore the truth in order to do that.
    And now, even MSNBC is starting to turn on Obama, admitting that this was a terrible event, Benghazi was a cover-up, they lied to us all, and people didn’t have to die, and admits it might be worthy of impeachment. This is proof that we were right all along — it’s not even deniable at this point. She should be prosecuted. Here’s the video, thanks to Special Operations Speaks:

    If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the last couple of months, it’s that activism works. Don’t ever give up, slow down, or accept defeat. Keep questioning, challenging, and protesting. Obama’s agenda is slowly grinding to a halt.
    Next up: take over the White House and put someone in there who understands the philosophy of life, liberty, and property.
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    Impeach - IMPEACH - IMPEACH ! IMPEACH !! IMPEACH !!! IMPEACH !!!! IMPEACH !!!!! IMPEACH !!!!!! IMPEACH !!!!!!! IMPEACH !!!!!!!! IMPEACH !!!!!!!!! IMPEACH !!!!!!!!!! IMPEACH !!!!!!!!!!! IMPEACH !!!!!!!!!!!! IMPEACH !!!!!!!!!!!!! IMPEACH !!!!!!!!!!!!!! IMPEACH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    for the love of God America - impeach the lying Bastard ! first Fast and Furious - now Benghazi - ( not that lying isn't like breathing to him and most politicians for that matter ) but his lies are killing people, then covering up the blood on his and toadies of his ( and I use the next term loosely ) "Administration's" hands.
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    Only if we can get a twofer.... the O and biden....
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    How many people, even on our website just dismissed the whole thing as tin-foil conspiracy crap?
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    Dismissed what? Benghazi? I called it from the moment I heard about it and although I haven't been vocal about it I thought he and Hillary both should be held both criminally and civilly liable. It was 9/11 for crying out loud and that part of the world was/is a powder keg. The negligence at the time was nauseating and the more that comes out the worse it is.
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    I suspect it is actually much worse than they have shown. That would explain why MSNBC is so eager to admit to this much and let the administration take it's licks rather than expose the whole truth.
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    In the eyes of the sheeples, this administration can do no wrong.... you can already start to hear the Hillary 2016 roar getting louder... FAIL!
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