Video of LEO demonstrating absurdity of proposed magazine ban

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by ColtCarbine, Feb 27, 2013.

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    Fixed the html issues in your post CC...
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    Puts that whole jump him with scissors thing in proper perspective.
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    Obummer, this morning threw "Big Sis" under the Bus, over the Illegals, being let out of Jail, instead of Deported, because of "Sequester" which hasn't even happened yet......
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    Wow what an eye opener. Kinda makes the entire issue a moot point.
  6. Byte

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    Go go revolver barrage! [gun]

    Though the demo does showcase the general idiocy of mag capacity bans, it is being performed under a tightly controlled setting. They chaos of an active shooter scenario cannot be duplicated 'in the lab'. The only minor addition I would make to the test scenario would be to have the demonstrators reload from pockets after the quick to hand barreltop reload; pants, shirts, jackets, doesn't matter. Let them choose where they think they can best reload from quickly. Follow that with a series reloaded from a proper load bearing chest rig. A series loaded from a belt setup complete with draw should also be featured. It wouldn't hurt to even force the demonstrator to run a short distance to increase breathing rate.

    The 21 feet rule ain't no minor detail as they seem to allude to, however. It's a serious consideration!

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