Video of long Military Equipment train

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    This has recently been discussed. I believe it was debunked as not being a recent video, but instead a rerelease of a very old one. Pure BS
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    This is redundant thread

    This video clip is the subject of posts in a different thread on this site.

    It is a somewhat mind boggling notion that the freight represents but part of the "E" component of the TO&E ( )
    of what appears to be a mechanised infantry battalion.

    It is an awesome display of potential combat power...even more intimidating than the kind of hardware displays often seen in goose-stepping PRC and North Korean political pageants. This freight train represents but one of many such trains travelling the US rail networks at any one time. However, you will note that I have said "potential" combat power. This display of hardware represent little more than future metal scrap to be recycled into something else, without the highly trained, well led and well motivated crews that would turn this inanimate equipment into behemoths of battle.

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