Video of our Soldiers on Their KNEES.

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by pearlselby, Jan 16, 2016.

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    This makes me physically ill.
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    Conducting operations that close to Iranian territory is just asking for trouble, anyway. I blame the top dogs who like poking the bee hive too much. Not a single squid lost, I have no issues with these guys surviving. We aren't officially at war, and poor diplomacy doesn't mean a damn thing. I say, let the Muslims have their hollow victory --it won't be won any other way.

    There's far too much politics in war these days. Hard to trust what you are even watching. Even Pearl Harbor was a staged event if you take into account the intel we know the Executive had and their motives. Since that time, not much has changed.
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    An olde but very relevant.

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    That question doesn't even make sense to me. Obama didn't give two hoots about Benghazi. IMO he had the ambassador killed because he knew they (Obama& admin) were gun running into Syria. Dead men can tell no tales. As for war with Iran? Never. I don't understand the author of that articles stance. Did Freedom Outpost forget the Iranian deal? The current admin doesn't not want war with Iran, they love Iran. Valerie Jarret is Iranian and she runs the show over at the WH.

    The only thing I want to know is if we got our guns back-

    Dramatic video shows moment 10 American sailors were captured in Iran
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    Probably not... he's started his gun control initiative by executive order a little early...;)
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    Thank you @melbo for fixing my post.
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    Remember, Iran accused them of snooping. I know we will never know what all happened.
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