VIDEO: Retired FBI Agent Explains Who Really Killed JFK!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Quigley_Sharps, Mar 18, 2015.

  1. Quigley_Sharps

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    I love it when people get to a point in life they must come clean before parting from this world.
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    I'm clean but I ain't parting out just yet.
  3. Georgia_Boy

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    I lived through that period. We were mid-Atlantic (USS Kretchmer DER329) and went to GQ as soon as the message came into radio central of Kennedy's shooting. Over the years there have been numerous theories as to who dun it. From Castro, the Mob, the CIA, the KGB, VP Johnson and on and on. I agree with the FBI agent that it was a conspiracy. Interesting that there was also a Mauser found in the book depository in addition to Oswald's Carcano carbine. If the agent is correct about 15 rounds expended then there were many groups present that wanted Kennedy dead.....
    As an aside, during the Cuban crisis, we had trailed a cargo ship carrying what we thought were more missiles. They tried to ram us off the coast of Florida as we had orders to keep them away for Port Canaveral. (sp?) later named Kennedy. My memories are getting clouded but I remember us escorting that Russkie ship to the entrance to Havana harbor and Cuban gunboats came out (3? or 2?), my memory says 3 and surrounded us. We were armed with only 2- 3"50s while the Cubans each had 3 sets of twin 5s". Again my memory says that the captain was on the horn with the WH and Kennedy said "Do not fire unless fired upon". LOL. As part of upgrading the Atlantic destroyer fleet during the 50s the tin cans were all changed from steel to aluminum skins. So at best we had 3/8ths aluminum for protection. We stayed at GQ forever and then the Cubans departed and we resumed station at Dog Rocks. I guess I'll be in heaven before I really find out who dun it.
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  5. Kingfish

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    Personally?? I think someone had a motive. Two weeks before he was killed he signed an executive order to have congress start printing silver backed money. I see a motive there and the means to carry it out.
  6. DKR

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    Allo these years I thought the Diem family had him hit.
    Diệm was overthrown in a coup on 2 November 1963 with the tacit approval of the U.S. He was later kills, it was said by the CIA with the approval by JFK himself...

    This hacked off the Diem family, who, I thought, returned the favor. Using a North Korean hit man. But. I could be wrong.
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  7. Georgia_Boy

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    These replies show that there were many that had an axe to grind. I put great credence in the silver money issue.
    The bankers have a long memory. Nixon never got hurt disconnecting gold from the USD. Whoops, my tin foil hat is on......
  8. Kingfish

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    Yes, it is almost always about the money. Lets see George Bush sr. was training hit men for the C.I.A. Prescott Bush was a Global financier with ties to federal reserve. The entire Bush fortune was at risk? ROCKEFELLER, ROTHCHILD, BUSH, WALLSTREET , all stood to lose huge sums of money if Kennedy ended the FED. Yes many had motive to kill him far and above these measily stories by paid shills.
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  9. Kingfish

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    If I had to guess I would say he was killed by a hit team of up to three shooters (paid by banking interests) one of which was located in a drain firing upwards. Another on the Grassy Knoll and a third from a position above.
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    It's interesting that many of the key players of the time, who were little dogs with a lot to lose, later became the ultra right wing conservative movement and occupied the CIA and White House. Most know them by name, whether it be Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld or any other blood sucking creep who prey upon the liberty minded people of this land and always seem to get away with it.

    You can show the people enough facts that would stretch from here to Cuba and it wouldn't be enough. It hasn't been presented to them on Inside Edition, in full HD with surround sound. The people, by and large, do not want the truth -and personal experience teaches me they certainly couldn't handle it.
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  11. Kingfish

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    Don't forget the international interests. As you know our banking interests were taken over in 1913 . Today people like the Clintons are getting international money for use in Hillary's run for president. If we move to the Reagan shooting look who is involved again. Bush. Why? Reagan hates communism, Speaks out against the Trilateral commission, Will not ENDORSE FREE UNRESTRICTED TRADE. He gets shot. He goes silent on all issues. Ron never spoke another word against the Trilateral commission after that. He just quietly finished his term then his health wavered and he died. People dont know the truth that Reagan did not want Bush as his running mate but big media forced his hand. Reagan spoke out against the Trilaterals when he ran against Carter as Carter had 56 members in his administration. Bush was a trilaterlist as was Clinton. Remember when Perot got threatened? Remember when he dropped out of the race? They threatened his family. Now today we have the Bush family in position to be the worlds first water barons. 300,000 acres of land in Paraguay sitting on top of 10% of the worlds fresh water. Zero trade tariffs in imported water. Laws are being passed here to stop rain water collection, soon look for government controls on how much water you can pull from your private well. International, multinational interests are and have been behind the scenes playing very big cards in this game.
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