Video: Tsarnaev Brothers Scream “We Didn’t Do It!” During Shootout

Discussion in 'Tin Foil Hat Lounge' started by Quigley_Sharps, May 2, 2013.

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    This is the TinFoilHat forum, not the inferno. Please be guided accordingly.
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    Sorry man. That was thoughtless of me. :D
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    Roger that.
  4. tulianr

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    Broker, I've got no problem with you personally. I'm being sincere when I say that I often enjoy reading your posts, and hearing things from your perspective. That I don't agree with you one hundred percent of the time doesn't make me want to condemn you. I acknowledge that you have spent seven years on this forum. That's nice. It doesn't keep me from often viewing things from a different perspective than you though, and it doesn't invalidate my opinions.

    We all draw upon our experiences to form our opinions and judgements. I don't know why it should be offensive that I mention that I did in fact transcribe voice communications for many years, and that I am used to listening to garbled voices, when I state my opinion that those particular words are not in the referenced video clip. I'm not sure why that is a personal affront to you, or why you would want to cast aspersions on my life experiences because you disagree with my opinions; and I don't view being upfront about what I've done for a living a "mistake." I am who I am, and I am by and large the sum of my experiences.

    I don't think you would infer that Bruce is being a "Google Hero" for mentioning his experience with explosives when giving an opinion on an explosion, and I don't think you'd sling mud at Ghrit for mentioning his experience with engineering when voicing an opinion on some wonky engineering. I'm not sure why I apparently draw your ire.

    I've admitted that I didn't look to see that the original post was in the Tin Foil Hat Lounge area. My mistake. That was an appropriate place for it and, given my personality, not an appropriate place for me. I don't wish to ignore you, but I probably should try to avoid the Tin Foil Hat Lounge.
    If I could find an ignore button for it, I would hit it. I admit that I'm a little stuffy when it comes to the truth.
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    It's just the process many go through, T. I never, ever take offense to anything you say. Sometimes, typing in a tongue-in-cheek manner or razzing isn't always perceived that way, it is instead read as insulting. That's just the nature of forums, no harm done since none was intended (on both sides). I have run into folks on numerous occasions, and butted heads --like I said before, it's the process.

    I doubt there are very many who are as outside the matrix as I am, believing virtually everything to be a deception or manipulation. I hope, for your own sake, you never journey that far down the rabbit hole. It is a most frightening place to be, and it tempers the soul with frigid, limitless darkness.

    I like the "tinfoil hat" section because it's a place we can unwind a bit with some ideas which would be labelled unworthy and unsuitable elsewhere. :) I still welcome your insight. Where would Yin be without the Yang? lol
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