Visual image of the financial crisis

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by Ardent Listener, Nov 26, 2008.

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    Visual image of the financial crisis. Click on the picture if it shrinks.
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    Picking up where the above excellent post left off, we now have about 8 Trillion dollars in new money spent for the Big Buddy Bailout Scam. Unnoticed is the fact that this money is not backed by anything other than a political promise---oh yea, sign me up for that one--.!

    Question, if the Spendocrats were not trying to deliberately ruin our currency, would they put more and more debt obligations, new money, into circulation with the knowledge the National debt obligations are now beyond our ability to repay? Since they are not that stupid, what then is their end game ( chess) if it is not a repudiation of the dollar and replacing it with ---? The real question is Quo Bene or who would benefit from this? Hang them all if anyone profits from this shameful debacle!!! The Schlubs , you and me, are going to pay through the crulest tax, inflation.
    Pitchfork time! seesaw Overbore
    Laus Deo
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    "Pitchfork time!" and I don't think they have even got started yet.
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