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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by monkeyman, Sep 24, 2005.

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    I have asked about this other places and times but no one has ever had the info and I have not been able to find it myself, so here it goes.

    How do you make primers???

    Its not hard to learn to cast bullets, make powder and reload but if there is any kind of TEOTWAKI situation you WILL eventualy run out of components unless you can make new ones, so if you cant make primers then once the ammo and or components dry up guns just become lousy clubs. Anyone have any info on this they could share?
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    It's a non-ssue.

    Within a year of shtf, nearly everyone will be dead, or order will be restored in some other way. Then everyone will be very busy trying to garden enough to feed themselves, the animals will all be gone. so will the fresh water fish, most likely. Unless you live on the ocean, you are going to have to be a complete vegetarian. Cache-scatter a $100 case of 5,000 rds of .22lr, and you'll have ammo for the next 30 yrs. It has to be kept in sealed ammo cans, tho, or have the bullet-case mouth sealed with model airplane "dope" and an artist's brush.

    When nobody else has any ammo left, the guy with a .22 autorifle and 100 rds is going to be king.
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    [bestpost] [LMAO] [gone] [alien] from another planet....where is galacticus?
  4. monkeyman

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    Already got about 20,000 rounds of .22LR, was thinking for something with a little more umff.
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