Vitamin C vs. the unseen Scurvy Epidemic

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    I have believed for years that there is a chronic shortage of Vitamin C in the average modern diet, leading to a host of ills associated with incipient scurvy.

    If the lack of Vitamin C is only 10% of what is necessary to create an obvious case of scurvy, the liklihood of adverse effects is high, and the liklihood that they will be subtle is even higher.

    The same way Vitamin D protects against cancer, Vitamin C protects against viruses. It strengthens the immune system. A person who maintains a high intake of Vitamin C is usually immune to the common cold and similar maladies.

    But it doesn't stop there:

    The Never-Ending War Against Vitamin C
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    Interesting read. Thanks for the link. Always thought Vitamin C was a great cure all....
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    I use to fly ALOT, and one thing an acquaintance of mine told me was 'since you are in a plane in a confined space and people board planes with all kinds of bacteria, its a good idea to put 'Emergence C' in your water bottle to help fight off infections.
    It has a 1000% of the RDA for Vit C and lots of B vitamins. (good for hangovers as well) I have never gotten sick traveling and I think its due to vitamin C overload =)
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    A dentist told me about 30 years ago that several thousand milligrams / day of Vit C will allow gums to pack up tightly against the teeth, helping to prevent gum disease.

    My teeth are uneven, crowded, and people with that condition are somewhat more predisposed to gum disease than those with nice straight pie biters. Was told I could benefit from daily doses of Vit C. With the exception of one molar I still have all of my natural teeth at age 62. Looks like it was sound advice.

    I rarely get colds/flu, although this year was definitely an exception. It's been quite a bad year for flu here.
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    I believe that C and D are important ,but I also believe that watching one's PH is equally important .
    Too much acidity weakens one and makes one more vulnerable to cancer and other issues.
    adding baking soda can rebalance the body chemistry. ( I think its a teaspoon in a gallon of water)
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    Since I have started taking vit C a few years back I have not gotten sick once. I used to get sick once per year or more with the local flu or cold or what ever vaccine was going around at the time. Now I am working in the public with children, in a new place with new bugs, and I have not gotten any of them. I have had days where I felt under the weather and I attribute that to my body going out and kicking some new virii ass.
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    During the Lewis and Clark Expedition, some of their initially hardy volunteers came down with a number of malnutrition-related ailments, some of them life-threatening, the worst of which was scurvy. They were saved when they were taught by their Indian guides to drink pine needle tea, one of the best sources of bio-available vitamin C on the planet. It's a good thing to remember in case any of us needs to bug out to the woods without our vitamin C stash.
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    How is everyone ingesting Vit C , Vit- D Im a milker , 1L/qt -day winter , summer 2L/qt day , My C intake is BUCK Orange's when there on sale . right now were on apples of 2 /day ..
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