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Discussion in 'Functional Gear & Equipment' started by melbo, Jul 31, 2012.

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    Review of the Voodoo Tactical Mini Mojo Load Out Bag

    I’ve been looking to upgrade my ‘go to’ bag with something better for awhile now and the offerings from Voodoo Tactical have looked to be perfectly suited to my requirements.

    I need a bag that is:
    • Large,
    • Durable,
    • Organized
    • Convertible
    I also like compressions straps on my large duffels so they don’t need to be overfilled when traveling light.

    I called up our friends at and a few days later had a Black Mini Mojo in my hands. My first observation is that there is nothing Mini about the Mini Mojo! It’s certainly smaller than it’s big brother, the Mojo but at 31”L x 15.5”W x 14”H it is ample for just about anything I’d need to carry and will likely be used on my next 3-4 day out of town trip.

    IMG_0834 (Large).JPG

    The Mini Mojo has a large interior compartment that opens with a double zipper and measures in at 3,750 cubic inches (this was my estimate with a tape measure and may not be exact).

    The bottom contains a semi-rigid material which keeps the bag flat and open while loading and would also protect contents while tossing around on rocky terrain. There are 11 outer pockets of assorted sizes and method of closure with a nice mix between zippers, velcro and buckles. One entire side of the Mini Mojo is covered in PALS webbing for personal customization using any MOLLE compatible system. There are also PALS locations on either end of this bag.

    IMG_0832 (Large).JPG

    IMG_0833 (Large).JPG

    The Mini Mojo also has compression straps, D ring attachment points sprinkled around the top and a great padded, detachable shoulder harness system that stores in a panel on the bottom when not being used. The bag weighs 7 pounds.

    IMG_0831 (Large).JPG

    The Mini Mojo would make an excellent choice as a Load Out bag, a Bug Out/Home Bag, 72 Hour bag, general Gear bag or even a travel bag.
    It’s large, well constructed, has lots of pockets for organization and is comfortable to carry even when heavily loaded.

    At $87.95 with free shipping (20% off retail) with a solid guarantee, it’s a no brainer.

    I plan to drag this bag through some tests and will update this thread as I do.
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  2. melbo

    melbo Hunter Gatherer Administrator Founding Member

    I'm not quite sure how we do this so consistently but a search for voodoo tactical mini mojo returns this thread as Google result #3 of 660,000, right behind the Voodoo Tactical site and Amazon.
  3. Motomom34

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    This is a great bag and it looks like it could hold quite a bit of stuff. You said the bag itself is 7 lbs. Have you put 72 hours worth of stuff in here & carried it? It looks like it could get wide and maybe bulky to carry. Any up-dates? Is this a big guy bag and small people should avoid?
  4. melbo

    melbo Hunter Gatherer Administrator Founding Member

    I actually did travel with it a few times (business stuff, not 72 hour stuff) and it was great. I just purchased 2 more for some work items that I wanted in the back of my truck. I need to review another backpack from Voodoo tactical and when I do, I'll try to get some pictures of the mini mojo with something for a size reference. Depending on how heavily laden the bag was, I don't think it's a Big Dog only bag.
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  5. Motomom34

    Motomom34 Monkey+++

    I am a little person so that looks bulky but I am on the lookout for good sturdy bags that serve a purpose. I have a great backpack that really packs a lot but I would like a bag. I look forward to your mini-mojo review.
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