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    U. S. Electoral College, Official - What is the Electoral College?
    as i have always said your vote means nothing in the video it clearly says its up to the electoral candidate to cast HIS vote not yours as in the last election romney won the poplar vote meaning he got the most votes and not obozo BUT the electoral candidate cast his vote to the electoral college that makes the final call--can you say rip off sure you can. We need to get rid of that old system and let the people chose not some over paid bureaucrat that get paid under the table to cast His vote the way others (libatards) want it to be--sorry but some one got in my face yesterday and said that voting is fair and your vote counts boy did that get my hackles up and now here I'm blowing off steam sorry for the rant --I can remember when history books told the true truth not a liberal slant like now
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