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  1. hey fellas. couldn't find anything on these when i searched here. i have heard the design is better than the regular ak. the whole bolt comes back exposing the internals which i think is cool. any experience with these things guys? anything? very cheap too actually the cheapest assault rifle out there i think
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    Assault rifles do not exist.
  3. oh my gosh come on really

    you know what i mean….
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    Kell just got the Definition wrong... What he meant was "Assault Weapons" do not exist. Assault Rifles certainly DO EXIST, HOWEVER the are NOT available for sale in Kommiefornia, as they are an NFA Weapon, and REQUIRE an ATF Class 4 Tax Stamp, which No Kommiefornia State or local Head LEO will sign off on for regular Folks.

    Best you check out your NEW State Statutes.... And some NOT so New.... Evil Black Rifles, with "Big Magazines" are not Legal to own, or possess, in Kommiefornia .... Even SemiAuto ones...
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    True. I'm quite tired of hearing about killer rifles that jump out of gun safes, all by themselves, and rampage across the state.
    Men are dangerous, guns are just tools.
  6. i thought only full auto. i was talking about semi auto
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    Select fire = full auto = NFA (National Firearms Act) = only legal for private ownership by paying a $200 tax (proof of which is a "stamped" document), the application for which must be signed by your local CLEO (Chief Law Enforcement Officer aka Sheriff or equivalent).

    Many if not most CLEOs either flat out refuse to sign the former in the first place or have incredible restrictions surrounding when and why they will. In some jurisdictions it is quite literally impossible to acquire (California, New York and Illinois are some of themy but by no means all of them).

    Assault Weapon and Assault Rifle are... touchy terms around here, and for good reason. Not that it's any better but if you don't use the specific "type" of firearm when taking about an AR-15, AK-47 or the like (semi-auto) using the term "evil black rifle" or EBR let's people know that you both know the difference between those and their select-fire relatives and are most likely using the term tic (tongue in cheek) and can prevent a flame war, hazing session or, worse, a long winded post like this one. :)

    edits - typos generated by auto-correct on my phone.
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    You are probably talking about the VZ-2008 from century arms (checkpoint makes a vz-58)
    it's not an assault rifle. it's a semi auto.

    it is available in kommiefornia (and other wacked out states) with a non-readily detachable 10 round magazine that feeds from stripper poles .. oops, clips.

    A vz.58 will set you back north of a grand, a VZ-2008 starts at around 600 for the kommiefornia version.

    build quality on the century arms version is going to be like all their products .. hit or miss. If you are a newbie, you'll love it. If you are a combloc shooter, it'll suck.

    Checkpoint products are the Cadillac of this line, but you will pay dearly for them. They are worth the money, but from previous posts you've made, you prefer downline products.

    I'd suggest you stick with a shotgun and a 22LR, as adding yet another caliber means more to carry off into the wilderness
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    This ^^^^^

    I don't own a shotgun nor do I own anything in .22, but I have limited what I have to just a few calibers and I have a lot of it.

    My suggestion (and my plan) would be to pick a single shotgun with a range of loads and either a single rifle or a single handgun. Minimize the different types of ammo you will need, sell off the others and stock up on the ammo for what you are keeping.

    As important as a firearm is/can be, it is only a part and frankly a small part of your load out. Realistically you aren't going to want to carry more than 50 lbs and you are going to have to work up to that to be able to carry it day in and day out. Tha last thing you want to do is carry 25 lbs of gun/ammo and not have room or caring capacity for food, clothes, shelter, first aid, water procurement and purification, water storage, cleaning supplies and a deck of cards (not to mention a knife or three and fishing tackle). Any electronics will need power which means batteries and a way to charge them.

    Finally, I would try not to get hung up on gear. I did that for a while until I realized that all the"stuff" in the world did me no good without the knowledge to use it properly. That's where even camping in the back yard comes into play. Pack your bag, lock the door to the house and live in the back yard for a day, sun up to sun up.

    Take a pad of paper and pen/pencil with you, since it should already be in your bag, and keep notes of what you used and what you didn't use. Keep track of what you forgot and why. Do NOT go back inside and get it, unless it's medication you can't live without and by that I mean a prescription (not throwing stones, just sayin'). Unless you will actually die without it in 24 hours, leave it and tough it out.

    Once you are allowed back inside, go over your pack and pull out anything you didn't use, you won't need it for the next overnight unless it was clothing/shelter related and the weather is different next time (common sense). Add what you forgot and replace what you used.

    Lather, rinse, repeat.

    After a couple of overnights, bump it to two days (weekend). Continue until you can go a week in the wilderness with only what you carry in. Be warned, you can jump right into a week if you think you can tough it out but that isn't the goal, the goal is to learn what you do and don't need and to build skills, not show how Billy Bada$$ you are.

    Doing a week that you've
    built up to is the real bada$$ part and you'll realize that apart from supplies, a week and a month aren't that much different and THEN you are on your way.

    Be honest with your self and realize that this will take upwards of 6 months unless you are able to do every other night and be up to weekends within a couple of weeks. If you have a job and/or any other responsibilities, this will take time to build up to.

    -note- I'm typing this on my phone and while I've tried to go back and make corrections I'm sure I missed a few and I blame that squarely on my Android.
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    And if you don't have a job how are you going to get money to buy all the supplies you will need for your adventure...
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    The $200 tax stamp per weapon is not necessary if you have an SOT - but at $500/year, it's really only worthwhile if you're actively engaged in the firearms business.
  12. i already bought all my supplies then quit my slave job.
    as usual thank you so much for the information :). lots of good points but i must leave now i spent last night crying and feeling horrible and woke up feeling much the same all i want in life is to be alone away form the bs and in the woods i AM leaving very soon like i said but camping in your backyard sounds like a good idea. I'm not taking any electronics except flashlights. yeah I've decided the gauge and 22. my brain dosent work right
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    OK you didn't ask but here is my .02. Wait until middle spring. Spend the winter LEARNING and acquiring knowledge and proper gear. Heading into the bush in winter with your skill level will make you a statistic. At least give yourself a chance. Which ever way it goes good luck.
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  14. i always appreciate any helpful information :). what month does spring start? look at the forecast for mendocino nothin but sun for the next 10 days at least. how do you think i am going to learn without doing anything firsthand? i need to be in it to win it
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    Start in your backyard. If you head out in winter time to be "in it" you will soon be under it. Winter is for experts.
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