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Discussion in 'Technical' started by ghrit, Nov 27, 2015.

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    I have Vista on a laptop that I want to get loaded off and W 10 loaded on. So far, I've found no ready way to do that. Looks from here as tho' I need to buy either W7 or 8, load it, then get W 10 for free. Can anyone tell me I'm wrong? If I'm right, other than buying a new machine already loaded with either 7 or 8, where do I go to buy one of those two?

    The usual complications apply, bringing Office and the rest of the stuff forward. Is that automatic? Haven't found anything at all poking around at my skill level. (Rather low, that --)
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    Genuine copies of W 7 or W 8.1 are in theory eligible to install 10 but only during the 1st year 10 is available.

    /me does not recommend 10. You may have better luck with a dual boot of linux with w 7 :)

    W10 updates are automatic and mandatory. W10 spyware is included in every version.

    Old applications may be deemed incompatible and removed without notice or permission from the user :( as the w10 post indicated.
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    All yep. Didn't answer the question, but indicates that buying 7 or 8 will be necessary. How and where is still open. For now, Linux is ruled out. I'm comfortable with Windows at this stage. Linux is down the road.

    Got your PM, Brokor. Thanx.
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    I downloaded a free 90 trial of Windows 10 from MS and installed it on a used Vista-era laptop that I got from an estate sale. I did this to both check out W10, and to see if the used laptop was worth spending money on.
    I'm okay with W10 so far, but the laptop has not impressed me so I won't be buying anything more for it.
    I would not attempt an upgrade installation of any operating system. Do a fresh clean install, then install your apps, such as Office. If you don't have media you can probably download it, but you MUST have the license keys, that's the part you have to pay for.
    If you need to recover license keys from your existing install first, use Belarc Advisor.
    This is a major operation. Don't think you're going to get this done over lunch. You need pretty much a whole day to do all the updates and find drivers and such after a new install. There may well be some devices (or perhaps even the whole thing) that just don't work and there's nothing you can do about it, but to go back to the old O/S, or upgrade hardware.
    Using old hardware beyond the life of it's version of Windows is the best place to try out Linux. I like Linux Mint these days.
    Of course it depends on what you want to accomplish, there are certainly going to be programs that won't work, but if you just need internet and email and games (not specific games, just "games") then you'll have no trouble with Linux.
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    For Refurbished PC Installation

  8. sec_monkey

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    more fine print

  9. AD1

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    The questions below that cover buying and installing on laptops and desktops and reports are it works well if the drive is clean.

    I see nothing that would not let this route work except wipping the disk and starting from scratch.

    This Version is for 64 bit machines. Searching for W7 on amazon and there are many versions besides Pro for both 32 and 64 bit machines. From this price tomover $100+.
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    What about the Microsoft refurbisher program? The amazon reviewer is saying there were hoops to jump through. [dunno] YMMV
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    These COAs do not look right [dunno]

  13. AD1

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    The point is there are ways to get windows 7 instead of buying a new laptop.

    There are just as many posts in the comments that were from people who were not builders that got it to install on there home systems. 76% gave it 5 stars. That was the cheapest version on Amazon. There are more expensive products on there.

    We can continue to have a pissing contest if you wish, but that is not going to get us anywhere.

    Again the point is there are avenues to get ghrit where he wants to be.

    I have there machine running W7 and I will not upgrade to W10 until the issue are cleaned up.

    If and when I do install it, I will make images of each system before so I have a fall back if I dont like it.
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  14. Brokor

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    One thing I've learned about Amazon reviewers, is that they are predominantly idiots or competitors of the product receiving the nasty review. That being said, never buy Satan's PC distros unless it is OEM. The refurb installs may have worked fine at one time, but not everybody can figure out how to fill in the business criteria when registering I assume.
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  15. Mindgrinder

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    -Torrent a pirated copy-
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    [winkthumb] @AD1 :) Your input is appreciated :) [respect]

    This is not a contest :) Trunk monkey is not a fan of garbage-soft ;) and loves saving money :) Monkeys can save a truckload of money by using Linux steamOS(which is Linux) BSD .. .. :D Most folks probably only need one good copy of w 7 or w whatever for proprietary apps and games.

    Linux and BSD can take care of most other everyday tasks and steamOS can play a bunch of games including paid proprietary ones. [touchdown] [chopper]
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  17. AD1

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    Agree! But some of us are stuck with windows or "heaven forbid a MAC" for things like Avid Media Composer, Photoshop/After Effects/SolidWorks and other software that we use to make money.
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  18. Brokor

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    Absolutely, man. I love Adobe Photoshop, it's leaps and bounds better (for me) than Gimp. Plus, there's no learning curve since I have used PS since 2001 or thereabouts.

    I do recommend a strictly OEM Win install, not a refurb disc if going that route. Actually, if you are resourceful (like a few of us here are) a *cough* pirated copy works fine, but I DO NOT recommend this to folks like Ghrit who are not L33T. (no offense)

    I also recommend a Linux distro --Linux Mint is nothing short of AWESOME for folks who aren't chained down to Adobe and use exe programs like this regularly -even though some programs from Win can be run through Linux with Wine.
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  19. AD1

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    Been using PS since version 2.5. I still have that orig disk I think.
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  20. ghrit

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    Looks like a spending is coming. At this point, I get that W10 on a new laptop makes the best sense to me, for now, and given my low geeky levels. The existing laptop can then be cleaned up and used to play with Linux and SDR at some later date. Then, all going smoothly learning and debugging 10 on the new machine, take the free upgrade from W7 to W10 on the tower before the free gets away from me.

    As a proper throwback, I dislike radical change, and I much prefer having a clue what I'm getting into before jumping in. When outfits like M$ tell me it's easy, I instantly doubt. It's easy to drive a Cat D10, too, but you can get into real problems if you have no clue. (Yes, I know this.) It does appear that jumping in will have to be done, dammit.
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