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  1. Yard Dart

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    One of my work associates has the following firearms for sale. He inherited them recently and is looking to move them to a new home. Any interest please PM me and I will mediate. He would be most likely want to sell to local WA or OR folks to not bother with shipping, but if the price is right he might be provoked to ship... ;)

    Here are the descriptions of each and what he found as comparable values... all reasonable offers would be considered:
    1. Winchester 1894 lever action .30 cal (manufactured 1903) Octagonal barrel. Online value $1000-1200
    2. Winchester 1906 pump action .22 cal take-down(manufactured 1910). Online value $500-1000
    3. Remington Model 6 .22 cal single shot falling block take-down action (manufactured 1901 – pre-patent model). Online value $350
    4. Remington 03-A3 (first 60,000 produced). Online value $800-1200

    Guns 006. Guns 007. Guns 008. Guns 009.
  2. M-14 GUY

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    Do you still have these ?
  3. Yard Dart

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    No I do not.... made a nice trade for the lot.
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