Wagner MMC220 Extended Range Pinless Wood Moisture Meter

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    Aloha Monkeys,

    Another tool I picked up when I was going to do some wood stabilizing and some bowyer work... too many other things so this is just sitting...
    Hopefully someone here can use this great tool...

    I have listed a Wagner MMC220 Extended Range Pinless Wood Moisture Meter that I picked up and never used... Protective plastic is still on the face...

    This also comes with the black Pelican Case that I picked up to store the unit...

    Please see the pics... I also powered it up to show the display at zero and on a piece of Yew I had in the shop....

    You can google this and find the specs and prices....

    Here's some I found...

    Product Description
    Our most popular selling model for wood flooring and woodworking applications. The MMC220 moisture meter is ideal for measuring wood moisture in all wood species; from rare tropical species to the more common softwoods and hardwoods. User-programmable species settings. Depth of Measurement: 3/4″ Moisture Content: 5% - 32% Digital Display in .1% increments (Note: If the SG selected is .80, the maximum MC reading will be 30%) Scanning Area: 1 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ Specific Gravity: Selectable wood species setting .20-1.0 Calibration: Verifiable with Calibration Block (sold separately) Other Features: Battery Included Shock Resistant Carrying Case with Belt Clip Included Reference Library CD included Operating Temperature 30-110° F *See website for details

    From the Manufacturer
    The MMC220 Extended Range Proline - Digital Display instantly and accurately measures moisture content of rough finish grade wood. Highly flexible, measures from 5-to 30-percent moisture content, scans to .75-inch depth and offers press/hold feature. Allows user to select species settings, eliminating the need to refer to correction tables after taking readings. Offers extended range of specific gravity for exotic species. Virtually unaffected by temperature or surface moisture. Used by wood flooring manufacturers and installers, furniture and cabinet makers, lumber suppliers, contractors, builders, inspectors, architects, and engineers.

    I paid $430.59 plus tax and the cost of the Pelican Case to fit it... over $450...

    $GONE Shipped Priority Mail Insured with Tracking to the USA only.

    Thanks for taking a look...

    Have a great week!

    Take Care and God Bless,













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