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    In the last several days, a couple of different IEDs have been detonated within the CONUS borders of the United States, along with several IEDs being discovered that were not successfully detonated. A jihadist in Minnesota attacked a handful of people, armed with a knife…

    Those things happened.

    Here’s what didn’t happen…

    The United Nations did not invade. The US Armed Forces were not used to invade a town or city and declare martial law. An EMP device was not detonated over the CONUS, plunging us immediately into a new dark age, instantaneously (but, damn, that would have been convenient, huh? “Look, Honey, I don’t have to go to work today! It’s SHTF time!”).

    If we are actually PRACTICAL “preppers,” “survivalists,” or–to use the term I prefer–simply, “adult human beings,” we SHOULD be prepared for bad events and WTSHTF. Far too many people who call themselves “preppers” though, focus too much on far-fetched “Black Swan” type of events that “could” happen (and perhaps even “will” happen), but choose, whether consciously or unconsciously (I tend to believe it is semi-consciously, because the implications of the potential for something that occurs regularly elsewhere, to happen to “me” is fucking scary), to ignore the reality of what is happening all around them every day.

    Yesterday, I was stuck at a social event for about five hours. In the course of that, I had conversations with an even dozen people (after the first three in a row, I consciously kept count) who admitted that they were actually carrying their CCW gun, even though they “normally” don’t carry it regularly, according to their own admission. When I asked what had happened to change their normal behavior, each of them pointed at the “bombings” in NYC and NJ, or the knife attack in MN, as the catalyst.

    Don’t misunderstand me, this is not a “bad” thing. Good guys carrying guns is seldom, if ever, a bad thing. However, I would hasten to point out that, against a remote-detonated IED, a gun is fundamentally as useless as “teats on a boar,” to borrow an old Southern Highlands colloquialism. Despite that, none of the twelve that I conversed with had so much as a pair of nitrile surgical gloves on their person, let alone chest seals or a tourniquet. Three or four acknowledged that they had a current First-Aid/CPR certification, but even those admitted that their certification classes had actually not even mentioned dealing with gunshot wounds or burn/blast injuries. The other eight or nine admitted that the depth of their “first-aid training” extended to putting a band-aid on a cut.

    Guys and girls, putting on your multi-cam ACUs and plate carrier, with lots of “sheepdog” and “III” and Homo Hoplite “SPARTA!” morale patches does not make you an “operator.” It does not make you “prepared.” There is nothing wrong with taking these classes, otherwise I wouldn’t teach them. BUT…my experience, among both “preppers” and the general public has been that there is a metric fuck-ton of Dunning-Kruger going on, when it comes to CCW handgun skills. When it comes to medical shit? Hell, most people know they don’t know fuck-all, but they are also dumb enough to believe “it’ll never happen to me.”

    I’ve had the discussion on this blog before, about the ideal progression of training, using my classes as the metric, but whether you’re taking them from me or someone else, your first training priority, from a contemporary emergency/SHTF perspective, should be a serious medical/trauma aid/TC3 course that covers GSW and burn/blast injuries, followed by a concealed-carry APPLICATIONS course (note that this is distinct from the concealed-carry licensing course). After that, there’s lots of value in attending rifle courses and tactical classes like SUT, vehicle-based, and fighting in structures.

    In light of this, because I believe this so ardently, from now on, anytime I teach an open-enrollment Clandestine Carry Pistol course, or a Combat Rifle class (whether Fundamentals or Applications), I am going to attach a TC3 class at either the front-end or back-end of the class. It will be a completely separate course, but…students who choose to attend both will get a steeply discounted attendance price for the TC3 class. An example of this is the class I am getting ready to announce in the next post. It is a Clandestine Carry Pistol course, followed by a two-day TC3 course. The cost for the CCP course is $500, while the cost for the TC3 course is $300. If you choose to attend BOTH courses however, the TC3 course will only be $100, for a total price of $600 for both. The cost for TC3 won’t ALWAYS be $100 when appended to the other coursework, because we determine what we charge for classes largely on travel expenses, etc, but, it will always be steeply discounted. You NEED TC3 training. The life you save might be MINE!

    The point though is not about the upcoming class (that will be in the next post). The point is, if you don’t have a realistic, effective, fighting handgun course, focused on getting the gun out from concealment and getting solid hits on an appropriate target, in time, but you have a dozen carbine/rifle courses under your belt, and are doing SUT training every weekend or every month, you’re wronger than two boys fucking. Whether you carry a gun or not, if you consider yourself a “prepper” of any sort, because you are concerned about the state of affairs in the nation/world today, but you don’t have first-aid/trauma training in a course that specifically deals with GSW and burn/blast/shrapnel injuries, you’re even more wrong.

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