Wal-Mart Jack Booted Thugs

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    There are strike pickets/protests happening at some Wal-Mart Warehouses. Not at the one near me though yet AFAIK, and may not because jobs are so hard to find here people are unlikely to take a stand. And in at lest one case, Wal-Mart's security force arrested the protestors for blocking an entrance. But it's the riot gear and sound cannon truck and such that make the reaction appear over the top to me.

    I was until recently working security at a similar facility (not Wal-Mart). Whether I agree with their cause or not, no way would I have been one of these JBTs; at our site we would have just called the real police. The photos and links below are from a thread started by someone else on another forum (ATS) and I'm still just learning about it, but thought y'all would be interested. Corporate "police" is part and parcel of the new world chaos paradigm.







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    do you have idea who the protesters really are? .... those are professional rabble rousers from the Chicago area DNC action committee .... the main leaders , on site, are a couple of Joliet ministers and a county politician .... all are currently running Jesse Jackson's Jr's re-election remote control campaign .... Jesse would be there also for the publicity, but he's still locked away in the booby hatch ....

    best thing that could happen is to let the semis roll .... it would hurt for only a second
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    Hey....is that an LRAD on that Humvee? For Wal-Mart protestors......really?

    I guess you gotta let the jackboots play with their toys sometime....better now than when people shoot back.
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    I don't understand. How can these private security force arrest anyone?

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    That's not security folks. That’s actual police.

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