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    A did a search and didnt come across any other threads on this. Almost kind of surprised it hasnt been posted. Thoreau was arguably (in my eyes) one of the earliest and all time greats of the survivalist movement, though not officially of course. Certainly very interesting from a historical perspective. What better way to figure out life than to tell society "up yours" and go live by yourself for awhile on a house you made yourself? :D
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    Love Walden, more of a treatise on minimalism and anti materialism,though he does get into civil disobedience. great book!.less stuff more life!Good time for you to start one ruzz.we are a leaderless / equal oppourtunity outfit here..
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    I think that Thoreau was more contemplative and self-sufficient, by his own admission, than a survivalist but that may have more to do with the age in which he lived. By today's standards, he would most certainly be viewed as a survivalist. By whatever name he is known, thoroughly good reading.

    Having been a loner all my life, I connected with Thoreau's writings at a young age without quite realizing why they appealed to me so much.
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    This is an excellent observation - he IS a survivalist. Great thought on that one!
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    I was actually looking at one of my old copies of Thoreau last night.

    Anyone ever check out Knut Hamsun? The Wanderers, etc. Love them all.
    Or Bukowski? Now thats urban survival.... lol
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    Those last few are new to; me thanks for the leads, I had "1984" out last few days...
    IMHO I think he had alot in common with ogm and wg and their homesteading.Not that thats not "survivalist"(awkward ,double negative).
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    ....."Walden" meant a lot to me--I've read it many times over the years. I can discuss a few paragraphs at great length; so it is very hard to sum the book up in a few words; or to do it justice...

    .....Get a copy of "The Annoted Walden" if at all possible. It clears up many mysteries--though not all--about what Thoreau sometimes meant.

    .....RVM45 [chopper]
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