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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Legion489, Feb 21, 2016.

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    Not sure where to put this as all my posts seem to get moved for some reason. Thought this might be the right place.

    THIS IS REALLY NEAT. Clickon walk below. Enjoy
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    And no, Allah/The Pagan Moon God, is not the same God as the Judeo Christian God ;)

    @Legion489 I'm new here and finding the "Right Place to post something can be a bit daunting with the quantity of sub-forums and such. There is a spot for Religion related posts in General Discussion there are two sub forums above the forum and below the "Featured Topics", one for Politics and one for Religion
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    It is often difficult to separate liberty, politics, and religion from each other as that walk around illustrates. More often than not, the choice is left in the hands of the OP, but nearly as often, a mod will interpret it differently. That applies as well in other areas where topic slop over jumps up, say as in "headlines" vs. "tin foil hat" vs. the Inferno. Please do not be offended if a thread or post is moved.
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    Yes, I know Allah, the moon "god" was one of the 23 "gods" (stones set in a circle, sun, wind, rain, lightening, etc.) worshiped by the tribe(s) Mohammad came from. Since that was his father's "god" he took it as the "god" he worshiped and that is why they can raise one stone by a bunch of them standing around it and chanting "god is great" while pointing at it and it rises. While I have not actually seen this personally, it is well recorded and there are a number of photos of the ritual. Originally Mo wanted to be a Catholic "saint", but the Pope refused. When Mo took power the Pope gave him a Nun to marry, among other things.

    There should be a complete mussleman bible at a library near you, rather then the expurgated versions usually found for sale to infidels, and it makes interesting reading. Die in jihad and get 75 virgins OR 50 little boys! Little boys are still a favorite over there. Also ALL of musslemen are ordered to kill ALL non-believers, there is no "unless they are nice people", it states ALL of them. Period.
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