walmart employee trampled to death

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tango3, Nov 28, 2008.

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    +1. In truth, I've been expecting something like this for years with the mobs that think it is fun to get up at absurd hours to bull rush stores that are so incredibly stupid as to open for a crush. (Not to mention taking kids along.) Worse, the article is right about this is not an accident, certainly foreseeable.

    And then a later call takes the cops away. Oy.

    That temp employee should have been a linebacker or three. Poor dude was probably built like a toothpick. Hope his family retires with the proceeds from that abomination.

    I guess a stampede of sheep is as dangerous as a cattle stampede.
  3. dragonfly

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    and it's going to only get worse.....
    Kind of like the time that the late Johnny Carson made a blooper, telling everyone that Kalifornia was runnung out of toilet paper.
    The shelves were cleaned and people were fighting over individual rolls!
    He had to go back on and explain it was just a joke.
    Next, the grocery stores!
  4. CRC

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    Sickening.... [​IMG]

    They killed a man stampeding after toys.... Not food, clothing, shelter..... Toys.......... [​IMG]

    Need is a relative thing these days
    It borders on desire.....
    The high tech world is full of bright shiny things
    We think that we really require......
  5. RouteClearance

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    I have a gut feeling that the time will come in the near future when the sheeple will stampede ove food, clothing, and shelter.
  6. Tango3

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    Today they are reporting the pregnant 28yr old involved miscarried.. :(
    Stop the planet I want to get off.
  7. QuietOne

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    Few understand what a thin veneer civilization is until they see it crack.
  8. gunbunny

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    Well said. I could imagine that the atmosphere was a lot like a big football game; mob mentallity short on reason.
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