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    msn money

    Wal-Mart workers on pistol patrol as law lets Texans tote guns
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    Lauren Etter and Shannon Pettypiece

    Managers at Wal-Mart stores in Texas have a new task to add to their list of duties: asking customers if they have a permit to carry a handgun.

    To comply with state liquor rules, the world’s biggest retailer sent a written notice last month to stores that sell alcohol, telling managers to ensure that customers who openly carry firearms under a new law have licenses. Cashiers or door greeters who see someone with a gun are to alert the highest- ranking employee, who is to approach the customer and ask to see the paperwork.

    “We do try to ensure that people have a licensed firearm,” said Wal-Mart spokesman Brian Nick. “We are giving direction to our store employees to ask for a license as our management sees appropriate.”

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    The notice was sent out in anticipation of the Lone Star State’s open-carry law, which went into effect Jan. 1. It made Texas the nation’s most populous state to allow citizens with a permit to carry handguns openly in a holster.
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    Good Post, Sir!
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    It would be a cold day you know where when I show a Walmart employee my paperwork.
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    Are you saying there would be a dramatic Climatal shift in the biblical location? ;)
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    I think that's an excellent development. As soon as Wal-Mart starts losing business because of the state liquor laws, they'll order the state liquor laws changed. Especially if the business they lose goes to other local merchants. I mean, that's what politicians are bought for.

    If I'm packing heat, I have no problem with someone asking me if I have a license. But I'll be damned if I'll show my license to a civilian just because he demands to see it.

    And I won't let him search my car or house, either.
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    There is another thread here claiming that the entire alcohol/open carry thing is a lie. Alcohol is covered under the 50% rule, and Walmart is required to do nothing of the kind.
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