Wanted: Internment/Resettlement Specialist

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    I'm not sure of the veracity of the story, but, when you start putting 2 and 2 together......... Didn't I just see a story on here about the .gov buying up all the MREs/dehydrated/freeze-dried food? Makes you wonder....

    FEMA Seeking Subcontractors to Provide "Temporary Camp Services"
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    Does not make me wonder. I can still add 2+2.
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    Maybe they know some large natural disaster is getting ready to happen. There seems to be a lot of little earthquakes happening in strange areas lately.
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    Conspiracy says they can use the Alaska array to make a earthquake bigger...? It could be the looming hostilities with China. Or it could be their soon to be had, new found power to indefinitely detain.
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    The story is real... but.

    (THese guys have a pretty good take)
    This story from Kurt Nimmo of Infowars.com is spreading like grassfire, so it’s good that we get a jump on it as well: » Exclusive: Government Activating FEMA Camps Across U.S. Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!. A male nurse sends us some background on this: (Edit, the url above is the primary source of the story)

    Brian Paris
    Joey, it’s the contingency plan contract procurement notice. These have been in place for a while. Even our contract hospitals have to provide us with documentation of basically the same thing… Just on a smaller scale. It takes the logistics off of the Fed’s back and I’m sure it’s a hold-over from the days of Dick Cheney since it was probably a no-bid contract with a Haliburton subsidiary. I wouldn’t worry about it.
    The document that spells out Kellogg, Brown and Root (KBR) contracts to provide “temporary camp services” for national defense purposes can be found at this link: » Exclusive: Government Activating FEMA Camps Across U.S. Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind! And in a summary of Nimmo’s story here:
    Infowars.com has received a document originating from Halliburton subsidiary KBR that provides details on a push to outfit FEMA and U.S. Army camps around the United States. Entitled “Project Overview and Anticipated Project Requirements,” the document describes services KBR is looking to farm out to subcontractors. The document was passed on to us by a state government employee who wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons.

    On a local level, Ellis County’s Emergency Operations Plan has similar measures: EOP : The Ellis County Observer

    (Kurt Nimmo & Infowars.com: Federal Government Enacting FEMA Camps Across U.S. : The Ellis County Observer)

    FEMA: Emergency Declarations For Sheltering Evacuees

    FEMA has few full-time employees, subcontracting the subcontracting work (not redundant) to KBR sort of makes sense - it's what KBR does and has been doing for decades.

    I searched the Federal Register (Federal Register)
    FEMA site (FEMA | Federal Emergency Management Agency)

    and https://www.fbo.gov/ which lists active Federal opportunity...
    I searched the last 21 days, under FEMA, for "camp services".

    I didn't find anything, so "anticipated need" on the part of KBR seems, well, an anticipation.

    The document provided in the infowars piece lists a file from the Procurement Technical Assistance Center (a real SBA funded agency)
    http://www.aptac-us.org/new/upload//file/RFI for KBR 11-16-11.pdf.

    And has reproduced elsewhere, no meed for me to post here. Looks like they are trying to get a jump on the next hurricane season - by having Master Service Agreements in place, they are virtually assured of landing any FEMA contracts for disaster support camps/shelters.

    And as for the other -
    The FEMA freeze dried food thing was an exercise document that got away from the training session.
    The shortage is due (mostly) to Oregon Freeze dried food being so successful in supplying other customers, leaving their bulk food sales to suffer. The OFD site has a letter about this (below) One of their biggest customers is the diet food industry.
    As you know we have removed #10 cans from our website temporarily. The reason for this is sales of #10 cans have continued to increase. OFD is allocating as much production capacity as possible to this market segment, but we must maintain capacity for our other market segments as well.
    Currently we are able to meet demand for Mountain House pouches and most of these products are still available for purchase on our website. We do have a small number of dealers that we will continue to make and ship #10 cans to and you will need to contact them directly to place an order. For a list of dealers, please contact us at MH-Info@ofd.com
    We want to clarify inaccurate information that is being said on the internet, news and radio. This situation is not due to sales to the government domestically or internationally. We do sell products to this market, but we also sell other market segments, including Ingredient and Private Brand markets. The reason for this decision is solely due to an unexpected sales spike in #10 cans sales.
    We expect this situation to be necessary for several months although this isn’t a guarantee. We will update this information as soon as we know more. We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your patience. We sincerely hope you will continue to be Mountain House customers in the future.
    Oregon Freeze Dry

    Christmas is nigh, Joy to us all.
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    and just WHAT is this "Alaska array" you speak of? Inquiring Minds, want to know.......
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    HAARP, of course. It causes mothers milk to curdle, the atmosphere to smoke, and people's brains to liquify, or have you not heard? It can steer hurricanes, make weather, enhance or start earthquakes and volcanic eruptions...

    Just an FYI for all you folks in the tinfoil hat land with weather control via HAARP and the "worsening" of global storms and disasters - one thing y'all seem to forget is we have only been seriously reporting the weather and natural disasters for less than 100 years. Add in the fact that world populations had been relatively low compared to today (less folks being affected for one), there was also not the mass hysteria inducing instant information instrument (AKA the web) until very recently.

    It is not an increase in incidences, it is an increase in the reporting of said incidents, the increase in the number of people affected by the incidents, and the instant dissemination of the information regarding even the smallest of incidences. Add in the hype and danger played by up by the media outlets for ratings purposes, and ARMAGEDDON is here.
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    Posts like this make me enjoy my beer with even greater furor. Noch ein Bier, bitte!
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    Time for an anti tinfoil hat subforum? I think Falc is closer to the truth than infowars ever will be. Any publicity is good pulblicity, and Alex needs it for revenue.
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    Ghrit, It's a good thing Brokor is absent. You would be lambasted for heresy! ......
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    Oh yea, and I thought that Avarice was talking about Cobra Dane... An Array that actually can be steered over the Horizon, NOT Straight UP into the Sky with a Fixed Array...like HAARP (The Cloud Burner, that makes the Sky Glow)... Oh well, My mistake....
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    Meteor burst?
  14. BTPost

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    Frequency Agile, Phased Array, in the MultiMegawatt Range, and can use F1, F2, F3, Ionospheric Refraction, and Reflection, to range out to 10K miles, or better, depending on what mode it is in, and what the Ionosphere is doing at the moment. Very Sweet design, and has regularly been upgraded, thru the present day.
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    We all might have a it could be idea but I know one thing we all will agree it is a waste of the tax dollar. The thing that makes me worry is FEMA is being give new power and control over things almost daily. About a year ago I was at a trainig and FEMA taught apart of the class. When it was over a guy was outside in the lobby handing his card out. Talking about careers FEMA could offer veteran officers that was when I stared to worry.
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