Wanted: Shays' Rebellion redeux

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CATO, Jul 2, 2012.

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    Does it seem like the sole existence of a politician is to extract enough in taxes so as to not suck the person bone dry...but just enough to where they're barely living?

    Think about it...given all the laws we already have, how many more do we really need? Isn't just about everything covered? I will bet that if you looked, there are probably many laws that are just another way of stating an existing law.

    These jokers need term limits....some permanently.


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    As I've said many times, the ONLY way the Politician has to show The People he is doing anythng, is to craft more laws - ergo, they call themselves "Lawmakers", that is ALL they do. It doesn't matter there are twenty laws on the books covering the subject,or that the law is bad and ineffectual - he's WORKING, by gum! And that's all that counts. The stupid masses keep electing him......
    Damned good scam, if you can pull it off! And they do, every two to four years.
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    every two years for the Federal House of Reps, and every 6 years for a Federal Senator... Every 4 years for the President, and a lifetime appointment for a Federal Judge... then there was J. Edger Hoover... They were afraid to kick him out, so he died in Office..... Paid to know where the bodies were buried.....
  4. Seawolf1090

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    I think it paid more to know WHO had buried the bodies....... ;)
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    Shay actually lived about 8 miles from my home, neat stuff that history is that close by.
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