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Discussion in 'Buy Sell Trade' started by Gunny Highway, Jan 23, 2013.

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    Want to get rolling post haste regarding this - anyone has some they want to move to a loving home I am it
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    Gunny, I would seriously recommend getting a Dillon progressive press, either the 550 or 650. They can be found used and even used, Dillon stands behind them like no-one else. I have had parts break and called Dillon, no questions , just an immediate over-nite shipment of the parts need to be replaced, usually a complete assembly. Dillon will also take any of their loaders and completelt refurbish them to factory spec at any time, free of charge and they even pay the shipping. I have other reloaders but my Dillons will be the only ones I will ever buy again. I have three 550 and a 650 with automatic case feeder and am about to buy an automatic primer feed assembly that eliminates the need for filling primer tubes. I do not use Dillon dies, as they do not size the entire case on pistol rounds, a critical component to serious competition shooting, but otherwise, have had nothing but good to say about their products. I use Lee dies, they size full length.
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    Check in over on the Handloader's Bench website. Someone there might be able to fix you up.
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    Am there a bit now and then and will keep a look out also for you.
    ETA: have several older presses but use a Lyman T-Max, Forester Co-Ax, and an "O" style Lyman for everything. Lots of folks use Rockchuckers, Lock-N-Loads--would stay away from any Aluminum housings--not confident in their strength. Most of my dies are RCBS, some Hornadys, a Pacific, and even a Dillon. For priming I use a Lee hand primer. Slow but can do a couple hundred while watching a movie.
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