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    I had to fire the son of a friend today. I had hired him as a favor to Robert. The boy told me that he smoked dope but had decided to quit and try his hand at being an adult. He seemed on the straight and narrow, always showing up on time, working hard and diligently. I postponed his random piss-test for three weeks but ultimately had to have his pre-employment screen and he showed traces of THC still. The boy swears he hasn't smoked since the week before I hired him and he really needed his job but I am powerless to resist the system. This really sucks when a system gets so out of hand over something as stupid and harmless as a joint once in a while.
    How did we create a system that makes kids unemployable when they engage in a little recreational escape and then decide to play by the rules? I hope he starts selling herb and makes a damned fortune selling it to the insurance company's children. [raspberry]
  2. ghrit

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    THC stays in the system for quite a while. I hope this does not cause a problem between you and Robert, and that the kid gets another shot. :(
  3. CRC

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    I've heard...my little health food store here..keeps something behind the counter.and you have to ask for it.....

    but it gives you a 10 hour window to pass one of those..

    I've just heard that , mind you...

    I've also heard it works...very well.
  4. Quigley_Sharps

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    Re - Hire him when he can pass it, he knows the drill, and if he dont, he shouldn't be smoking and looking for a job that doesnt allow it.
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    Also all he would have to do is let them know he had been takeing ibeuprophen for a headache as it shows up as THC on the tests, cold medicines show up as speed and there are various other over the counter meds and foods that will sow up as just about al the drugs tested for.
  6. ColtCarbine

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    Bummer :(

    Workplace drug-testing usually only catches the pot smokers instead of the harcore drug-users, since THC remains in your system longer than the water-soluble drug such as cocaine, methamphetamine or opiates. Personally I'm not as worried about pot smokers as I am the hardcore drug-users or the guy that comes to work still drunk from the night before on the job. I see more good workers fail drug testing for pot than other drug.

    IMO, alcohol is more evil than marijuana, alcohol causes more divorces, domestic violence, car accidents and deaths than pot. [peep]
  7. E.L.

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    Very true.
  8. ghrit

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    It would be instructive if the numbers were adjusted based on the number of users. For certain, there are more alcoholics than drug addicts, aren't there? Omitting dual users might also yeild interesting data.
  9. CRC

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    I know I get angry over how skewed the statistics on deaths caused my alcohol....

    They don't put alcoholism on a lot of the suicides.....Domestic murder cases...
    Hit by a drunk driver.....etc....and the list goes on and on...

    Even my sister...she was a full blown alcoholic...and her death certificate says "Perotinitis"

    Not that she got PID and then got perotinitis , and then became septic....but the WHOLE reason she got perotinitis and could not fight the primary infection is because at age 38..her liver was shot..gone...She tested postive for Hep A, B and C....at admittance in the hospital.....all from drinking and drugs.....

    So..yeah..she died from alcoholism...She had nothing left to fight the infection with! Nothing..

    Yes..she was clean and sober 17 mos before she died....Bought a house...started a succesful business...got married....made her amends...reconciled with her daughter...Hell..she did a LOT in 17 short months...someone said "God was giving her the courage to live.......AND the courage to die"...and I believe it..
    It was good to have her back those 17 mos...I missed her...I had cut all ties with her years before she got sober....
    This disease of alcoholism /or addiction....runs way back in my family..It is one reason I am so cautious and drink so seldom....Just not taking any chances...

    and I've known a lot of pot smokers in my life ..that did that , and nothing else....

    and I'd take my chances with them over the alcoholic, or the cocaine addict...or narcotic addict...any day....

    But that's just my not so humble opinion.....and my experience...which in reality..is all I have to base an opinion on....MY experience.

    Ok....rant for the day officially over..

    Back to topic... :D
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