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    The following books are true war stories from the men who wrote them. They are about the secret war in Laos, Cambodia and North Vietnam that America was not told about until decades later, the day-to-day life of the war, the strange and sometimes funny events of that war... All of the authors know each other, mention each other and have actually been on mission with each other... These are amazing first-person stories about an amazing group of individuals who if captured would most certainly be tortured and shot for they were no less than spies and fought and died without nametags, dog tags or anything that could identify them as American and many are still there for few came back due to extremely high casualty rate.

    All of the writing is well done and the authors have taken a lot of time to explain, in simple terms, their mission and what it entailed and the equipment used. My personal favorite is 'Whisky Tango Foxtrot' by Lynne Black, call sign 'Blackjack,' who adds his own dark, fatalistic humor and temperament to situations making them even more memorable and more insane. For example, blowing himself up with C-4 to test it for use in prisoner capture or loosing his cool while deep in Laos, when a Russian advisor breaks into their supposedly secure comms, informing Blackjack that he knows his name, his team and his 6-digit coordinates. Blackjack, angry and not to be intimidated, gives him his 8-digit coordinates and invites him for a visit! Great stories from great warriors...

    I have listed them in order I think they are best read. All are available on Amazon.

    Meyer, John Stryker - "Across The Fence"

    Black Jr., Lynne M. - "Whisky Tango Foxtrot"

    Maurer, David A. - "The Dying Place"

    Meyer, John Stryker - "On The Ground"

    (Note: two of these books I have recommended before but felt it necessary to name them together as a group as there are obviously not many books on the subjects. All four are excellent reads and I am sure you will enjoy them. Definitely movie material...)
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    My oldest brother was over there during the Vietnam war and was part of the groups that went into but so called didn't go into Laos and Cambodia.
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