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    Palmetto State Armory
    Job Title: PSA Warehouse Supervisor
    Location: 200 Business Park Blvd, Columbia SC
    Job closes for application 15 February 2013
    Salary will be negotiated based on experience

    General Experience Required:
    Experience demonstrating that the candidate has the ability to organize assignments for subordinates, estimate material and manpower needed for specific jobs; able to explain work flow and work procedures; and to prepare production records, work records and reports.
    Minimum Qualifications:
    •Possess at least 2 years’ supervisory experience which demonstrates the ability to plan, direct, and organize work assignments for warehouse, shipping and receiving, and inventory management. Experience which requires the review of work requirements and establish priorities to meet deadlines. Experience that provided knowledge of various lines of work performed by this function. Experience which demonstrates the ability to supervise or the potential to perform such duties as evidenced by the ability to communicate knowledge of general supervisory concepts, and knowledge of warehouse distribution processes.
    Send resume with "PSA Warehouse Supervisor" header to: info@palmettostatearmory.com
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    Go for it !!!
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    survival monkey group discount if you get it lol?
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