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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dragonfly, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. dragonfly

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    There, I've said it!
    I hear repeatedly that less than 50% of the people in this country pay ANY Federal income taxes!
    Gee, I wonder why!~
    Now IF I were getting more than $12,000 a year, for disability I'd have NO qualms about paying taxes!
    I don't even know what the monetary earning/s "cutoff" point is for being poor, to not so poor, to breaking even, and so on.....
    I understand the argument and all I can say is that IF you are under the Federal requirements which clearly state you must file and/or pay taxes at a certain amount of income....Fine.
    BUT, there are a LOT of people that fall into the category where they don't pay taxes as their income is so low, they barely keep a roof over their heads, clothes on their backs, and food in their stomachs.
    Wouldn't it be great IF we all had an income that would justify paying 10-20% or more of that income in taxes?
    I'd think I was Howard Hughes!
    I never in my life was concerned or coveted anyone elses income level. I have rubbed elbows with some well off individuals and never batted an eye! When I was doing commercial photography, I had to be around a lot of the "rich" types...but being rich is not all that some say it is!
    Most of the "rich" people I was around, were extremely paranoid...everyone was looking at them as the goose that laid the golden egg! I felt for them. They had bodyguards, accountants, advisers, and loads of relatives! They had to be "protected" even from themselves and their own good will! Sad. But I have no reason to be jealous of anyone just due to their level of income...If I was ever jealous of anyone, it was due to their educational level...not necessarily from some college, but of pure common sense! Knoweldge truly is power!
    I would have loved to get a degree in enginerring...It was not to be, but that's ok, I have done ok with what I had!
    Some are NOT nearly as lucky as I have been.
  2. beast

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    wealth makesd ya paranoid
    everybody wants to take it
    its much less stress to have nothing
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  3. Alpha Dog

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    I don't know about all that there has been a few times I've had nothing and it was pretty stressful. Then after the goverment tax man got done with me I had even less plus owed the goverment. lol
  4. Seawolf1090

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    Someone once said, "Being rich just means you can be miserable in more comfortable surroundings."

    I don't wanna be rich. I just want to make an honest FRN for honest work and be able to keep most of it.
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