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    From bullnotbull,

    A Warning from Harry Schultz

    by Harry Schultz
    January 21, 2007

    Editor's Note: The following is excerpted with permission from the HSL658 - The International Harry Schultz Life Strategies Letter, January 21, 2007, page 2. My sentiments are much the same, and if you've been sitting on the fence about the issues discussed, perhaps hearing it from someone with the stature of Schultz will help you to clarify your thinking.

    Harry Schultz, or 'Uncle Harry,' as he is known to his subscribers, is Editor of the Harry Schultz Life Strategies Letter, now in its 42nd year of publication. This is an accomplishment in and of itself, but
    HSL was also named newsletter of the year in 2005 by Marketwatch.com. Marketwatch is a mainstream publication, but Uncle Harry's letter is most definintely not. You'll get news and views you won't hear anywhere else, such as what you're about to read below.

    The Honorable Ron Paul, US Congressman and 2008 Presidential Candidate, has this to say about the letter: "I wouldn't want to do without HSL. It's a must for global outlook and investing."

    Without further ado - a letter from Harry Schultz:

    Dear Lambs:

    Read our virtual obituary (yours & mine), spoken in 1991 by David Rockefeller, & oh so obvious in 2007:
    "We are grateful to the Washington Post, NY Times, Time magazine & other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings & respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated & prepared to march towards a world govt. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite & world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries." -- David Rockefeller, Baden-Baden, Germany 1991. ​
    Frankly, dear, dear readers of mine, I fear we've lost the game. The insiders have won. They now control all the levers of power, financial & political. Many good men in public office are prohibited by the system from reforming it. Commercial, media & political power is concentrated in just a few elite hands. I've (& others) warned (loudly) for decades in HSL what was happening & what would occur if nothing was done. People were lulled into lethargy via careful massive brain conditioning, became content to watch TV 7 hours a day, accepted the misdeeds of politicians, the raging moral degradation of society, the creation of media/corp monopolies, the ruin of money worldwide--begun (via careful plan) by Washington/NY insiders.

    People blamed inflation for their 50% loss of buying power in last 35 years, not realizing the definition of inflation is an increase in the quantity of money/credit by banks/govt, equally. They cleverly removed gold as currency backing to give them monetary control. There is now no legal restraint on govt. Govt distorts economic data & everyone knows it, but the kept-press is kept silent & thus nobody marches in the street about their life being sacrificed on the altar of globalization--offshoring jobs--the lie called "free trade," which in fact means the opposite, like all govt legislation titles. Eg, Patriot Act is unpatriotic if U still believe the US Constitution has merit & is a lighthouse for other nations. The minority who understand all the above are mostly afraid to make waves-which is also part of the grand scheme, to intimidate or buy-off critics.

    When a possible leader or competent critic emerges in the US, he/she is immediately made a member of the CFR, which thereby seals his/her lips. Or else! It's a refinement of a Mafia policy. It's done in a few other countries too, but not as widely or ruthlessly as in the US.

    In any case, my point is, we've lost. Individual freedom & civil rights are substantially gone or compromised beyond practical application. In the past I've always said: divide your time/funds, ie, devote say 50% of your effort/ funds to fighting to save &/or restore lost individual rights/liberty/privacy, & 50% to self-preservation (as U may lose with your freedom fighting). In recent times I implied those %'s need modifying, as we're losing ground & one must save one's family/self. Today, with the devilish North American Union being cemented into the US & Canada's future, the sabotage of freedom, both individual & collective, is being completed. So, I regrettably now recom U ratchet down your %'s, maybe to 10% vs 90%. Govts are not looking after your individual freedom (esp in Anglo Saxon nations-UK/Cda/Oz/NZ/US); so if U don't row a boat with your family flag on it (not a nation flag), U may help sink your family & yourself.

    Will individual/personal freedom & former civil rights come back some day? Maybe. Perhaps the extremity will lead to its destruction. But, if so, we have to get through a worse period before we get there, if we do. And to get through it requires a lot of effort, especially if U live in the US in its present mode; many are leaving the US til it is "safe" to return. Washington has become an imperial govt with the public regarded as peasants, & the laws have been changed to match. Everything is a crime if civil servants wish to use existing laws. Changing presidents doesn't change new laws. Washington is Rome. Caesars come & go, each inheriting & demanding greater powers than his predecessor. (US Pres. Executive Powers now total 12K, upsetting the system's balance of power)

    PS: One of my inner circle advised me against running this article, showing so little hope. But my duty is to my subs. If U want sugar coating, see big media. 1. Truth is honourable. 2. Total truth is often helpful, used wisely. 3. U & HSL gain from honesty; it binds us together, & offers a potential path for survival. 4. There are no strategies useable/ available to win against Big Brother govt at this late stage of lightning-fast deterioration of democracy/liberty/ privacy, when the casino is rigged against U. In the past 4 mos that erosion velocity has increased by 80%. 5. While there is no current hope for reform/change or replacing the controlling elite, what little hope there is to simply "survive"-physical, financial, mental-will probably depend on what may be called: deeper-PT. We'll try to simply define it, but not as openly as before, as it now becomes provocative, & risks being declared "illegal" or unpatriotic. U'd better learn to read betwn the lines. Owning physical gold is a minimum essential. I suggest U reread the last 12 HSL's. It's all there. Sauvé qui peut (save who can, or every man for himself, or run for your life).

    Harry Schultz
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    Well that's pretty sobering.... :unsure:

    How many of us here do you think are "Lambs"?.... and even after reading and contemplating this... how many will feel like they can or want to do anything about it and so therefore will instead... "party on!" NO!! [booze] [touchdown] [dancindevil] b::

    Thanks for posting...[winkthumb]
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    What are the choices. read: "Techniques to to survive federal prison "by I. m. Ascumbag..."...??
    Fight off any arresting teams of federal officers, until you run out of ammunition or they decide to wait you out.

    When all the laws are perverted and topsy-turvy and the state has clearly overridden its charter...
    armed revolution targetted at the living figure heads? the funky laws are still on the books. The judges don't let the constitution into the court room.???? Elites seem to have have all the cards.
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    I think we are in for a slow burn that will kill or maim most of us before we even think about racking the slide on a gun... hell, many of us may need to sell them off to survive while we slide further down into a collapse that only history will tell us has already begun.

    I'm no longer thinking of picking off blue bonnets... we are in the downturn right now. we just don't know it and this slow burn is a killer. There will be no SHTF headline that tells us to drag the rock over our hole...

    My 2 biggests concerns the past 5 yrs have been H5N1 flu or an economic collapse. I really thought the pandemic would hit first. I was wrong. we are in it.
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    I agree, it will be a slow burn. All of a sudden everyone will be looking around saying, "WTF Happened.....the stock market was over 13,000. I thought the economy was doing great, but the government must have hidden it."

    "[own2]we are", said Yoda.
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