WARNING GRAPHIC (NOT FOR CHILDREN)nside the meat industry

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    I am not a vegetarian, nor do I promote it. This video is revealing regarding meat, milk & egg production. It is disgusting enough to need food & know that this goes on in the industry, every shareholder & board of director and employee should be required to see this.
    IMHO many people would either change employers or demand major changes.

    The growth hormones & antibiotics pumped into our animals is the major reason that I quit buying meats at the grocery a little over a year ago. I still eat meat, just not from "packing houses". http://www.chooseveg.com/animal-cruelty.asp?gclid=CMXdw_zZwY8CFSIZWQod7Ve-YQ

    http://www.eatwild.com/products/missouri.html = grass fed beef (in missouri)

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    Re: WARNING GRAPHIC (NOT FOR CHILDREN)nside the meat industr

    I think that a lot of the vegetarians don't realize it's not this or nothing. I don't think they realize that meat can be had without the crap and without cruelty.
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    Re: WARNING GRAPHIC (NOT FOR CHILDREN)nside the meat industr

    This is laughable. I can't tell you how may out and out lies were stated in this video. It is complete and udder bull*hit. Things that were not lies, were misrepresented. I have been in every kind of kill plant there is, this is the biggest crock of b.s. "veggie lovin', tree huggin', crap I have ever seen.

    "Just imagine, cattle are branded without painkillers." You must be kidding me right? [LMAO][LMAO][LMAO][LMAO][LMAO]

    The fines and ramifications for animal wellfare are so tight, not to mention ante-mortem and post-mortem inspections are performed all day long. Every district even has a SVMO (Supervisory Veterinarian Medical Officer) that is an animal wellfare expert that does nothing but properly train and investigate animal wellfare claims.

    "Some are boiled alive in scalding tanks used for hair removal" Another B.S. lie, they are stuck and bleed out prior to hair removal. This is directly observed by the inspector on the floor.

    This crap just pisses me off. Sure, is there the occasional problem? Yes, just like there is in ANY industry. 99 times out of 100 there is not. These plants are regulated very heavily. The antibiotics and growth hormone blood samples are taken by the thousands. This is another example of a PETA want-to-be trying to strong arm the industry, and the public to not eat that horrible flesh of the animals.


    Oh, and that free range/only grass fed meat. Well believe what you want to, but it is classified as "free range" if a door to the hen house is left open part of the time. Do you really think the chickens want to roam free? The food and water is in the house. Grass fed beef is exactly that, grass fed. Until they get to the feed lots. I have also seen not only study after study, but also sample after sample that showed that the "free range" and "grass fed only" labeled animals were not as healthy. Not as healthy to the animal, and not as healthy to the consumer. Even 20/20 admitted that.

    Then again, what do I know. I have only been there and seen that during a 17 year career in three states in 70+ plants, I obviously do not know as much as the vegans. [LMAO][LMAO][LMAO][LMAO][LMAO][LMAO][LMAO][LMAO][LMAO][LMAO][LMAO]
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    Re: WARNING GRAPHIC (NOT FOR CHILDREN)nside the meat industr

    Setting Free the Turkeys
    We should form guerrilla band that travels the corporate farms releasing the poor down-trodden chickens and cows. Born Free...as free as the wind blows...as free as the grass grows, free to follow the stars...Think about this planet of ours covered in the natural free-ranging white steroid chickens, herds of holstiens roaming the golf-courses, pigs living in sewers everywhere...what an inspiring thought!
    All the hydroponic farms could devote their time towards making strawberries even bigger (the size of water-melons) and even more tasteless! We can make our clothing from all the recycled milk cartons and save thousands of cotton-trees. Processed foods build by immigrant workers rules! We need more chemicals here....
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    Re: Inspiring Link and YOU can do better for yourself....

    My family & I are also not VEGETARIAN. If anything... through the years I've used those extreme VEGETARIAN Sites to inspire myself/others to raise one's own meat cruelty free/healthier than what you can buy at the supermarkets.

    It's all about NATURAL METHODS, if you don't follow NATURE/NATURAL you will create non-healthy sickly meats which aren't nutritious/healthful. Food is most amazing, and can be used as PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE.

    Here's a link for inspiration:


    Check out how they raise mass produced storeboughten meats!?!?! (On the link above) Bah Humbug & SUPER YUCK! :( Everytime you buy that junk, you are supporting this awful world with your hard earned $$$$$$... this is why WE RAISE OUR OWN.

    If people would


    Just my 2 cents! :)

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    Re: WARNING GRAPHIC (NOT FOR CHILDREN)nside the meat industr

    Another thing which popped to mind...

    I know and have vegetarian aquaintances & they always get hostile/mad about our raising our own healthful meat, sometimes calling us murderers. Well, as far as I am concerned they are full of _ _ _ _ _ ! Because everytime I've ever had one over for dinner, I've always had lots of veggies too, but they always seem to put a nice big juicy piece of meat on their plate. I think they are so unhealthy/hungry/starving... Atleast that is my opinion from my experiences and I could go on about my past vegetarian experiences with myself/family. But anyway they've told us we are MURDERERS, of all things!?!?!

    Well (as I tell daughter)


    Whether you are a Vegetarian or not, even vegetarians murder/promote death... it's just that they kill VEGETABLES! Now isn't that the darn TRUTH!

    BTW, I use to have a friend who was so anti-meat/the killing of animals.... but I blew him away when I mentioned he wasn't as PURE/CLEAN as he wanted to be... I pointed at his expensive leather shoes & belt!!! What FREAKIN' hypocrite YA KNOW?!?!?! Geesh!?!?!?!

    I think I'll end it now as I 've got much to do today. But this subject really gets me steamed... I could go on and on and on and on when it comes to THIS SUBJECT! It's such a bunch of Politically Correct POOEY!

    Other than that, have a great weekend!!!

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    Re: WARNING GRAPHIC (NOT FOR CHILDREN)nside the meat industr

    Don't forget....... anyone who eats supermarket veggies are responsible for having MILLIONS of acres of wetlands drained to raise them, killing off entire populations of hundreds and hundreds of species. MURDERING VEGETARIANS!
  8. wildernessgal

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    My comments and etc...

    You know it Blackjack... I'm not trying to pick at them. It's just that I've had several tell me terrible things, as if THEY ARE INNOCENT!?!?! You've got to be kidding! Eating vegetables only doesn't mean you are better than anyone else. We all have an impact on the earth.

    But anyway there's another cool LINK which can help folk find all kinds of LOCAL EDIBLES (including meats, veggies) & high quality RAW MILK. CLICK on the LINKY below to find what's available in YOUR AREA:


    THANKS for starting this thread Annie, I LOVE IT!!!! :)

    (A big supporter of The Weston A. Price Foundation ~ as they taught me much about REAL FOOD & I feel better than I ever have because of it!)

    P.S.- If anyone wants an OUTSTANDING COOKBOOK , get your hands on a copy of NOURISHING TRADITIONS


    It's ABSOLUTELY THE BEST EVER, and I think EVERY SURVIVALIST should have one on their bookshelf!!!!
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    Re: WARNING GRAPHIC (NOT FOR CHILDREN)nside the meat industr

    Umm... do you think Ol'McDonald was much kind more kind when he took Wilbur to slaughter?

    Now, lets all gather around, hold hands and sing Kumbaya.
  10. wildernessgal

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    My response about Ol' Mc Donald vrs Mass Produced Cr*P

    And Magnus said: "Umm... do you think Ol'McDonald was much kind more kind when he took Wilbur to slaughter? Now, lets all gather around, hold hands and sing Kumbaya." in response to Annie.


    Um, Old McDonald is much smaller scale than big business producers, which makes a HUGE difference!!!

    Over here when we butcher critters we give 'em a quality enjoyable and healthy life before hand (they actually walk around in the sunshine, are able to graze, digg in the dirt , eat bugs and so on,. and are given lots of LOVE.... unlike storeboughten meats)and when we "dispatch them" we do it in a much more humane fashion than BIG BUSINESS does. So YES, it can & does make a HUGE difference!!! All of that cr*p is what has inspired my family/myself to make better choices for ourselves/family and not give our hard earned money to support all of that disgusting unhealthy garbage raised in sickly disease promoting conditions. Those types of critters are PUMPED UP WITH DRUGS TO STAY ALIVE AND THAT'S WHY WE HAVE A NATION FULL OF UNHEALTHY SICKOS WITH A WIDE RANGE OF MODERN DISEASES DYING OF CANCER! :(

    I DON'T THINK MANY FOLK REALIZE THE IMPACT OF THEIR CHOICES, sadly.... and that you don't have to settle for what's around you/you can do better. :(

  11. Blackjack

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    Re: WARNING GRAPHIC (NOT FOR CHILDREN)nside the meat industr

    I not only kill, I enjoy making a kill when it's a hunt, but I never EVER cause unnecessary suffering.... unfortunately I have to financially support those who do to a degree by buying store meats.

    I think we owe it to our prey to be humane.... call me a hippie.
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    Re: WARNING GRAPHIC (NOT FOR CHILDREN)nside the meat industr

    There is generaly a lot of hormones and such in the meat (although it HAS to be out of the blood before slaughter) but the crap about how 'cruel' they are treated, especialy the slaughtering, is just that a load of crap. I have also been around several slaughter houses and worked in one and had several friends who have also worked them. Most of the small and mid size places still use a .22 and shoot the animals in the brain. Now shown on video most folks would still be convinced this was cruel simply due to fantasy. The fact is NOTHING dies pretty, after being shot they DO kick and thrash but I have killed small animals with a shotgun completely removeing the head and they STILL thrash and 'kick out'. The larger plants generaly use either a phneumatic spike gun that makes a large hole in the brain or some at least used to use a shot that paralized the heart/lungs or some such but killed instantly and totaly disipated.

    The important thing with these videos and such is to remember the source. They are nearly always from groups like PETA and at VERY best are HEAVILY slanted views typicaly still showing only the worst of the exceptions. Kind of like their claims that dairy farmers keep their cows in the milk stalls hooked to the milkers all day and milk them untill they bleed. I also worked on a dairy farm and have spent a lot of time on others. First off, most large daries still only have MAYBE 12 milk stalls and several times that many cows. To try to have a milker/milk stall for each cow would bankrupt them so the idea they keep the cow hooked to the milker all day is total BS just from that practicality even if the farmer WAS cruel to them. Next is the FACT that if they get ANY blood in the milk from just ONE cow, or have just ONE cow that has antibiotics in its system and get that milk in their tank where its sold from the ENTIRE tank is refused by the bottlers/dairies. Now thats if they are LUCKY, if not then its missed untill it gets in the tanker truck that picks up the milk. The trucks make the rounds to lots of farms and get the milk from several of them. If you have tainted milk (ANY antibiotics, blood, etc.) in the tanker then when it is tested before unloading at the plant they will find it and they will then determine which farm it got tainted from by going out and testing the tanks and cattle. When they find the farm the whole tanker is dumped on the ground there AND that farer HAS to pay them for all the milk in that truck from the other farms as well as a fine and not getting paid for their milk. So basicly the crap they spew simply dosent happen for most of it and the few things that DO happen are blown WAY out of focus. The animals are the livelyhood of the farmers and they arent going to screw with their own money beyond giveing them the meds they feel they need and yeah some useing growth hormones untill they get to the cut off time to get it out of the blood so it will be able to be sold.

    Another thing that it seems like most folks dont realize is that the lables on the packages dont have the names of the folks raising the animals. Tyson for instance dosent raise their birds. They have contracts with folks who raise them on their own farms that Tyson buys all their birds, so its still family farms. When you got into cattle and pigs its even more so in that the companies do either one or both methods of setting up buying stations where farmers bring their livestock to sell to them or sending buyers to livestock auctions where the farmers bring their livestock to sell. In other words, the animals MAY go into holding pens where they ae crowded in to be observed to be SURE they are not sick and to add a bit of fat for marbleing while waiting to be slaughtered but they are raised untill at MOST 6-8 weeks before slaughter on farms that for the most part are mom and pop farms and not the corprate factories portrayed in most of these videos and such.

    All of that said, I still prefer to buy my meat live or raise it myself and butcher it my self simply because it is SO much cheaper to cut out a few middle men and it has a bit different flavor I figure is mainly due to freshness.
  13. ghrit

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    Re: WARNING GRAPHIC (NOT FOR CHILDREN)nside the meat industr

    I much prefer to believe our resident meat inspector and our own farmer / food raisers than I do the staged worst case PETA flim flam. I do not have access to any full blown home grown meats and veggies, I have to depend on the supermarkets for now. Much of it is obviously force grown and bred for bland (I do miss the fresh fruits when we lived in truck garden country) but I refuse to believe it is completely unhealthy to consume. I've been lucky, I guess, in that I've never been afflicted with food poisoning or other debilitating disease in all my retirement age life, but that beggars the question. My "suffering" from good health sorta puts it all to rest for me, anyhow.
  14. E.L.

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    Re: WARNING GRAPHIC (NOT FOR CHILDREN)nside the meat industr

    Most everyone now uses a captive bolt, and death is about as instantaneous as possible. Poultry plants use the stunning method that knocks the birds out, then their throat is cut and they bleed out while hanging on a shackle that goes through the "blood pit" and prior to entering the scalders, then the pickers. The poultry companies have an individual placed after the device that cuts their throats, just in case on slips through. This individual will cut their throats while the chickens are out cold.
  15. E.L.

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    Re: WARNING GRAPHIC (NOT FOR CHILDREN)nside the meat industr

    Aah, the good ol' days. (They really were.)I haven't been a online "Food Inspector" in a slaughter plant in about 13 years, having climbed the ladder. However, I still remember the times fondly, still talk to those that are on-line occasionally, and I stay abreast of all of the current events.

    Same here, wish I did grow and eat my own, but it isn't going to happen for a good while. I am too busy living, working, and raising kids. Not to mention keeping a regulatory eye on the food industry. Working 70 hour/7 day weeks doesn't leave much time.
  16. wildernessgal

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    Re: WARNING GRAPHIC (NOT FOR CHILDREN)nside the meat industr


    My family & I are TOTALLY on your level Blackjack! One thing which my hubbie does which I personally like better than shooting (<--a goat for example), is using a huge metal pipe... Yep, all of our goats are bottle raised and handled much as kids and LOVE people! So when the time comes, they will happily walk down the driveway to the garage where hubbie knocks 'em out immediately with his pipe/dispatches them with no suffering or pain at all. I'm so sick and tired of people who try to make others feel guilty for being self-sufficient and providing THEIR OWN MEAT whether they RAISE IT or HUNT IT! It's beyond RIDICULOUS!?!?!?!

    Where we use to live before, we had a HUGE Amish Community nearby... We use to laugh as the Amish would come by regularly (<--They aren't as self-sufficient anymore that's for sure... but anyway that's another story). There was one in particular who use to always come by alot especially at dinnertime (he told us he was a vegetarian/wouldn't eat meat) but when we'd be BBQ'n outside he'd be there & we'd offer him a plate. He would always serve himself meat ( even though he said that he wouldn't butcher/loved his animals/was a vegetarian) and we also had lots of veggies as we LOVE lots of fresh vegetables too!. Now I found that to be very very interesting indeed... but then again "people like him" really shouldn't butcher because you know that mentally they can't handle it/are weak/would never do it properly anyway. I just wish that those types would quit trying to make others feel guilty/do their dirty work for them... acting better than everyone else. Same goes for many people (even in our family).. They try to make us feel bad about butchering, calling us cruel/murderers, and I get told "How is it that you can say WG that you LOVE animals, if you will butcher them?!" Well get real, my mother was a vegetarian and when I was born I had severe bone problems, a crooked leg and etc. My parents raised me that way (veg)for part of my childhood until my mom almost died from their diet choice. Then we started eating meat & I know I felt so much better with regards to my health. I was soooooooooooo hungry for meat, my body craved it.

    These last years have been wonderful raising all of our own healthy meats. I've kinda gotten to the point where I don't listen anymore to the "hypocrites" who use their money to pay someone else to murder animals which they eat when they eat their fast food, tv dinners and etc....Those types are so "full of it", ya know... Geesh!????

    ( who loves animals very very much, but I am a REALIST/TRUTHFUL about it all. I LOVE THEM/ENJOY THEM & THEY TASTE GREAT TOO! It's part of the circle of life & I won't deny it... )

    P.S.- I want my family to be healthy & not go through what I did as a kiddo with my health/bone issues... so I feed them well/accordingly.
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