Warning: Somewhat DIRE predictions!

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by dragonfly, Apr 21, 2009.

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    Bob's articles over at 321 always get my attention. He is an excellent source for movement within the precious metals markets, and he has a real handle on the pulse of the economy.

    Bob isn't the only guy out there predicting a somber and austere future, and I expect the ranks of doomers to begin to swell after the little stimulus bounce and tax refund hangover is completed in May or June.

    It's going to be a long and hot summer in the middle of a Kondrateif winter folks.
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    Sarcasm on ::

    Why it can't be that bad the Gov. is getting ready to send me a check for $250
    for just being here in these great times of CHANGE !!! !!!!! !!!!!!
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    I see your sarcasm and raise you thusly:

    The $250 your are going to get will only be worth small real money change after the dollar defaults---[woot]

    Laus Deo
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    Why maybe I could buy a silver dollar with that money ,yeah right !!!!
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    That $250 is taxable next year..........
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    I plan to go out to pawn shops and buy some those nice gold rings they keep there with that $250 just as soon as i get it .
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    Where you guys are thinking and talking about what is to come all that I can tell you is that I have been there and seen it in person.

    In Cuba they have been living under WTSHTF for OVER 46 years and is a place where to find a straight nail on the gound is like finding a dollar bill here in the US and where he who hold a bottle of aspirin becomes a Dr.

    On my vacations to Cuba to see my dad (hes 96 now) I saw three times the skin of cats laying by the gutter......someone ate them.

    Trash day (every two weeks) only about 20% of the people will put out any trash and that will consist of broken glass a maybe a few cans, they recycle everything.

    The best tips as to what to do here in the states for WTSHTF came from those who are living it in Cuba and it has bee of great help to me.

    Back in 2000 while living in CA I knew that the country was heading for trouble and the first thing that I did was to sell my home and move into the woods of Oregon.

    At this time I have food for seven to eight years which pretty soon I will have to expand......more about this later.

    My water is from a creek by gravity and for free...but even then......I have a 2,500 and a 550 gallons water tanks, from the creek it goes to the tanks and then to my house and I also got them for in case of a fire for which I have a 100 foot 1.5" water hose and a 850 gph water pump.

    I have hundreds of nails, screws and bundles of wood for repairing my home, lot of roofing material and 5 20 gallons of paint.

    Also have 5 generators, three for myself and two for traiding.......have 15 tv cameras and 8 monitors, at this time only 5 tv cameras and four monitors are running.

    Also for traiding I have tons of clothing in great shape from the "Thrifty Senior Store".......they will give you a grocery bag that you can fill with all that you can for $2.00.......found one pair of lady's dress pants priced at $166.00 with the price tag still on it, dungarees that could be sold on EBay and a lot more, one time I had around $900.00 in the bag for $2.00.

    To those of you who are wiling to barter wisky, guns and ammo in what is to come, DON'T DO IT.....they will drink your wisky and then use your gun and ammo to take what you have.

    What happened in Cuba came about over a period of four to five years so that it gave the people time to get ready........but.....what will happen here in the state will be in no time at all so that it cach every one with their pants down.

    What will happen will last for a very, very, very long time and the main reason will be that the world no longer wants what we do produced and because we have printed so much fiat and no way to replaced it, we are loosing the factories and the knowledge to mfg anything.

    "Believe in God, but trust your weapons"... Ponce
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    You are a good human being, Ponce.

    And before I forget...
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    Thanks Ponce. Info from folks who've been through that is always appreciated.
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    Ditto what have you got stored with a shelf life of eight years (guessing: nitrogen packed grains?)
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