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Discussion in 'Faith and Religion' started by ISplatU, Mar 25, 2011.

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    I do not post here in the faith thread much, because I could see that my faith might not be as accepted here as others. To let you know I am a believer in a relationship with Jesus Christ as the only way to God the Father. I also believe that the Holy Bible is the infallible word of God. Now you see why I have not posted here much.

    I am posting here today a link with 3 or more parts, today there are just 3, to let others know of stuff that will happen. I am not here to argue just warn, and help others. This is Rick Joyner, and I have been in his house and know him and tust him. I believe he has a real word from God here, so I ask you please watch, and ask God if this is a true word yourself.

    Edit: I thought I would add that this is about a major earth quake with maybe a volcano on the west coast,also the worlds economy is now unraveling. ( I know, no one could see the latter one coming, but it was prophesied 22 years ago.)
    Japanese Earthquake Prophesied 20 Years Ago, Part 1 - Rick Joyner Video | Prophetic Perspective on Current Events
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    You found the right spot. This is the forum for believers to discuss items of interest to us. I have read many of Rick Joyner's books. They are some of my favorites. I look forward to watching the video's, (don't have time right now, just popped in to check new posts).
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    I believe we have been receiving many warnings the last few months guys. Mother Earth has been acting up on a scale not seen in a very long time. Couple that with the various wars happening all at once in the Middle East, rising food and fuel prices, it truly makes you wonder.
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    I have two of these games myself. Lots of fun. One is in original, unopened condition with the plastic wrap still on it. [beer] Anybody wanna buy it from me?

    You mean here....in the religious forum? Was that some kind of joke? I remember hooting and hollering a while back because folks were filling every post in every forum with religious quotes and links to the end of the world and how they must be saved...until this forum was started to keep all of that in one, easy to locate place. Of all the people on these forums, I can say with a great deal of certainty that I don't appreciate religious indoctrination and open religious dialogue on a forum not designed specifically for that purpose; but in the way it has been handled, I am most pleased. I love the fact that religious people can come in this section of the forum and post whatever they feel like, find others of like mind and spirit and have a great time. It's a beautiful thing. This way. all the rest of us heathens and pagans and worshipers of false idols can partake in posting about survival and stuff like that. ;)

    That said, I don't believe your story about feeling out of place. Most people who post here are religious, it just isn't unmonitored and freely spread around the whole survival forum. I don't even post in this religious forum normally -but I caught notice of your first sentence and it dragged me in to clear something up: NOBODY IS PERSECUTING YOU. [beer] Have a beer, rejoice, have a great time, and FEEL WELCOME!

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    dial up stinks. The proof of a true prophet of GOD is 100% accuracy, people that are even 1 time partly wrong are to be stoned. Uh, with rocks. In the end times many will be false prophets, get your stones ready.
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    I have my Rock!
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    I believe the same.

    Read Matt 24:36-
    I don't buy non-Biblical prophecies of end times. The Bible is fairly clear on that. I do believe that most prophicies will become true... eventually. They are generalized for a reason. Predicting an earthquake in CA or a tsunami in Japan.... anyone could get that one right. And of course "prophets" are always "foggy" on exactly when their generalized prophecy will take place. Wiggle room is important.

    Are we in bad times?- sure. Similar prophecies could have been made during other dark days in history. Revolutions, World Wars, Cold War, Wars in the ME, great quakes in CA in the late 1800s, the Great Fire (pretty much every city has had one), this isn't the first or last tsunami (they've been recorded for hundreds of years), and so many more. To look at events over a few months and try to predict God's plan is a fallacy IMHO.

    Despite that, one should be ready. Luke 12:36-
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    Like I said I do not normally post here for sake of arguing. I just posted to help and warn. If you do not believe it, then do not watch them, does not matter to me. But I am not going to argue if prophesy is for today, or if Christians can prophesy or not, because I know what I believe.
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    I didn't mean it like that.

    The only point that I wanted to bring out was the Matt 24:36. The rest is all just MHO. The Bible is clear in its warnings of false prophets, so I just say beware. If you look at the difference between Biblical prophets and "prophets" of today, there is a distinct difference. Biblical (true) prophets have a way of speaking to our hearts as they carry the word of God. Imagine the way that the Israelites followed Moses for instance. That is pretty amazing to follow a guy into the desert because of some seemingly good parlor tricks. I don't believe we have seen anything of that magnitude since JC because the new "prophets" don't really carry the word of God.

    Not being argumentative here, just carrying discussion.

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    Once again many counter "discussions" come to mind, but that is not why I posted here, and I will just keep it at that.
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