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    I just wanted to share this with everyone so you don't loose like I did. On Aug. 17th, 2013 I purchased (4) Magpul .308 PMAGS that at the time were in stock. Over a month later he finally responded to my emails and said he was contacting the suppliers. I asked multiple times if he would just refund my money with no response. Finally Jan 13th, 2014, Joe sends me an email stating he is refunding everyone who purchased magazines in 2013 would be getting a refund. Now its Feb. 7th, 2014 and no refund. This guy is full of lies and after my experience you would have to be crazy to buy or support anything he sells. Just an FYI...
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    you can probably take up the matter with paypal.
    paypal hates people using their services for anything weapon related.

    granted, your account will probably also be locked/limited in the process.

    you could always use that as leverage with Joe.

    Just sayin'
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    Sorry about your experience. I had a similar one with another vendor and finally took it up with PP and got my $$ back although I think yours is outside the window of time. I don't know if these notices were on the site back in August but it's kinda clear that there are backorders, same with many vendors I use these days: Larue, Bravo Company, etc.

    Hope you get your refund.

    Screenshot from 2014-02-07 16:21:11. Screenshot from 2014-02-07 16:21:40.
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    If you used a Credit Card, for the purchase, Call your BANK, explain the deal, and they will go in and reverse the Transaction, and pull the funds OUT of the Offenders Account. He will have NO SAY, in that Reversal.....

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    I did contact Paypal but as said above, it was too long from the time of purchase. As for speaking to them about the whole firearms thing, I don't want to be that guy. If they shut him down then lots of other people may never get paid. I could use the $100 but I am not going to loose an ounce of sleep over it. Karma will return the favor to the owner. You can only screw people over so much in business before you have no more business. As for the notices posted above. They were not on his site when I made the purchase and suspect that due to the fact he could not fulfill the orders and spent the funds, those were added.
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