Warren Buffett: "Raise my taxes"

Discussion in 'Politics' started by CATO, Aug 15, 2011.

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    Warren Buffett: Raise My Taxes, Please - Let's have some real 'shared sacrifice'

    Perhaps he didn't get the memo. The treasury will gladly accept his money if he were to overpay with the intention to do so. The same goes true for all of the uber-rich. You want to pay more, fine....but, you force that on some and it will back-fire.

    Increased taxes aren't the solution Warren, it is decreased spending that you should be blathering about. I've said it before on here:

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    RANT ON:

    WTF do these people get to dictate the lives of 97% of the people.... [fnny] I mean really... WTF I cant stand seeing that the US dollar is worth less and less and the damn corps and Politicians are in bed together and dont give a hoot that the ship is sinking...

    Rant OFF
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    Nah, for many years we did it their way. Raise taxes first and promised cuts over XX years; same deal 0bama and bonehead made.

    This time they need to start cutting the waste first.
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    Yep. What part of "CUT SPENDING" do they not understand? We don't mean "promise to cut some of the increase in spending we expect to make over the next decade"..... CUT it NOW! Promises don't feed the bulldog. [beat]

    Instead of the Super Rich creating another tax-dodge "Endowment", howsabout just give those millions to the IRS? Help pay some of the debt off. But cutting the massive arterial bleeding of Government Spending is needed NOW!
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    I have no issues if Warren Buffet wants to "donate" towards the deficit. Knock YOURSELF out.

    (Just leave me out of it.)
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    People like Warren Buffet, and George Soros for that matter, piss me off. No one is STOPPING them from sharing their wealth. I would be quite willing to help them. I'll gladly take a few million from each. Of course I wouldn't need that much money, but they'd feel better ;-) [oops]
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    america needs to start selling some gold
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    Already done - sold to the Chinese during Slick Willy's watch.
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    I wonder just how much he has donated to IRS since he shot off about how much he has.

    My bet is NONE!
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