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    I cant start a new topic so ill put this here. It's not totally off topic. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1358450858.366330.
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    I wonder if the Trama caused by his EO's will count toward PTSD diagnosis in the comming ears....
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    It STILL takes an MD, AND a Judge, to relieve One's Weapons Rights, in this country, even with BIG O's new EOs.... You are still able to get "Your Day in Court"...... Just how many Vets are going to be going in for Therapy, if they KNOW that will remove their Weapons Rights? The Veterans Admin MDs are going to be very careful, or they will be out of a Job, due to lack of customers..... .....
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    Some vets are claiming every disability they can to raise the money percentage they can squeeze out of Uncle Sam without realizing, or maybe not even caring, that they are compromising future firearms ownership. In these tough times an extra 10 or 20 percent disability signed off by a VA head shrink can be tempting for some.
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    True, I am Vn era so from agent orange to tinnitus, I have the "playing cards." Do I have PTSD; no sir, why?

    Find a combat Vet who doesn't jump and keep looking for a combat Vet. ;)

    As less than one in seven met the elephant, how can 90% be the "warrior class"?
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    Sometimes I think REMFs had it worse. Nothing to distract them from SOS day after day. At least the field hands had a chance to work off some hostility. Neither was a nice duty station.

    I can tell you that the hot war ran in parallel with part of the cold, and it wasn't much better on the front lines not getting shot at. We knew that if a shot came our way it would be a big one and was guaranteed to be terminal. Worse, we might not even be aware until it hit.
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