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    Beware warrior cops | Fox News

    First of all this is not a thread to slam cops- they have a purpose to protect the weak from the criminal element everywhere around us in society. I have no wish for this thread to be a "cops gone bad" thread. TY

    But the issue is the militarization of the local police force- which in the end is an internal national army when they are outfitted with military grade equipment, rifles and vehicles and pulled under DHS control as the intention is apparent to most, at some point when needed. What can be done as a citizent to challenge to this militarization of "our" police under constitutional grounds. The city, county and state police forces are only making themselves more the oppressor year after year, rather than protector of ones own community. In my opinion it starts locally with voting for like minded freedom minded folks vs career politicians.... and attending public meetings to make this an issue and be heard.... and grows from there...
    What say you?

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    Departments now look for reasons to deploy their teams to justify the expense of keeping them. It is hard to fund a team that has not been used in two years.
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    Our Department we are our own I have never seen the reason behind it all train your Deputies to do the job that way any call that comes our way we can handle. It would offend all of us if some one said we need to call a S.W.A.T. team it means we couldn't handle our job. The only thing I do hate about it is we don't get the super cool guns that shoot around corner's or dress like ninjas (well it has been 20 years and I am prob a little chubby for that so I will scratch that off the list). I know these teams have there place and uses but I am a firm believer that you should use the officers that work the area and special teams are not needed to do a job that your officers should be trained to do in the first place.
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