Was Melbo Here? Gun Turn-In in TN

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    Law-abiding citizens turn in firearms to keep them out of lawbreakers' hands

    By Lindsay Melvin
    Special to The Commercial Appeal
    July 16, 2006

    Homeowners once looking for protection, ex-hunters and wary parents were among those who pulled up to The Pyramid Saturday to unload their rifles, semiautomatics, shotguns and revolvers.

    The gun turn-in program that ran throughout the day was held by the Memphis Police Department in cooperation with WMC TV-5 and Soul Classics 103.5.

    Not intended to round up the firearms of lawbreakers, the event was aimed at law-abiding citizens who have the power to stop their own guns from falling into violent hands, said Sgt. Vince Higgins, spokesman for Memphis police.

    "Ninety percent of the guns we get from criminals are stolen in burglaries," said Higgins, who added that most of those guns are sold on the street.

    "A criminal is not walking around with a gun that's registered to him; it's a gun he's obtained illegally," he said.

    The recent shootings that have taken the lives of local children, including 12-year-old Melissa Robertson, who was shot in the head at a Binghamton playground, spurred the gun-collecting campaign.

    Over the years, there have been several other gun turn-in programs in Memphis. They've resulted in collections that have ranged anywhere from 22 to more than 1,000 guns. In the first hour of Saturday's collection, police had already cataloged 18 guns.

    "If we get one gun that's one less gun possibly used in a crime," said Higgins.

    In the week leading up to the gun turn-in, the sergeant said he received dozens of calls inquiring how to dispose of unwanted firearms left to them by deceased relatives.

    "When we're dead and gone, nobody has to worry about what to do with them," said Edith Taylor, 64, of her husband's three-gun collection.

    She beamed as a specialist with the Firearms Training Unit inspected her husband's rifle chamber over a bucket lined with bullet-proof vests -- a precaution in case one goes off.

    "I've been after him for 40 years to get rid of it," said Taylor, who was relieved to finally get the guns out of her Cordova home.

    "We've talked about selling them but then where do they end up? Here I know they'll be destroyed," she said.

    All of the guns were cataloged and eventually will be melted down, said Higgins.

    The first hundred people to turn in a gun received a $100 gift card to the New York Suit Exchange. Other vouchers to local merchants were also handed out.


    Of course, lines like "to unload their rifles, semiautomatics, shotguns and revolvers." shows the writer doesn't have a clue.

    "Not intended to round up the firearms of lawbreakers" Of course not - always go after the legal ones since you can't get the illegal ones. What's next, turn in your cash so it doesn't get stolen???
  2. Quigley_Sharps

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    :eek: RUN!
  3. TailorMadeHell

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    On one hand this is a bad thing, though in the end they are only preparing the sheep for the eventual taking of all weapons. The good thing is now that instead of criminals getting their hands on the guns, the idiots and cowards that gave up their weapons also won't be a problem for anyone and will die out quickly when the SHTF. Less mouths to feed IMO. Another thing and keep in mind it may be a crazy idea. How about taking out an ad in your local paper telling people you will buy the guns they no longer want? Could give them a $25 gift certificate to 'ImmaWuss.com'. Seriously, you could legally buy the stuff from these people for cheap prices to 'Ease their minds' of it falling into the wrong hands. :D Whatcha think?
  4. melbo

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    If I'd a known about it. I'd have been in the parking lot with a few bucks buying. What morons...

    Willfully giving up legal weapons to disarm themselves.

    Who's this jackass?
  5. Valkman

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    I think the whole "I'll go there and buy them for more" has been tried and the cops frowned on it, to say the least. :) Maybe keep an ad in the paper "I buy guns" or something like that.
  6. monkeyman

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    Im sure the cops would frown on it but Im not sure I can see any way they could do much legaly about it as long as you can legaly own them.
  7. ghrit

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    Just don't run afoul of licensing requirements. I doubt that a one gun buy will raise any great attention, but an add in the paper surely will. (That said, it looks like a pretty good way to trip over something interesting.)
  8. melbo

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    Yeah. I bet nothing good is turned in anyway
  9. fuzzy

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    i guess it all depends what you call "good". but this sh** bothers me every time i hear about it i think (witch is a bad idea lol) that if i heard about one in my area i'd go up to the site and do a little window shopping.lol
  10. Valkman

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    Every now and then you get a widow that turns in a Colt SAA worth about $20k and doesn't have a clue. Somehow I doubt that gets melted down!
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