was this a good deal? I just won it :)

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    power start 1200 watt generator, runs on gas. ( which Im storing in 8 gallon containers. I thought this would be good to charge my kindle and the kids video games. ( small hand helds. also recharge cell phones if need be or a number of other things.
    Paid 60.00 new. [​IMG]
  3. snowbyrd

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    Won the genny or the $60? I have an 800 watt, works good for me and the litttle stuff I need to charge when the sun don't shine. (where is that) ha ha
    Be sure to use a fuel stableizer in your stored gas. Rotate it into your vehicle and refill it. Shut the petrol off and run the genny until it dies. Prevents 'varnishing' in the carb. Check the oil EVERY time you fill the tank. Run times are based on 1/2 load, the electrical load. Don't forget to keep the proper grade (viscosity] oil for it. Spare plug ect...
    Free or $60 still a good deal.
  4. Nadja

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    How could it not be a good deal ? LOL
    Anything that works is worth at least that much. Be sure to stablize your fuel and also the gennie gas tank. If it is brand new, run it about 10 hours, drain the oil and replace with a good grade oil. Then run again for a few minutes with the stabalizer in the gas until it goes through the carb and then shut it off and let run dry. Even with stable in the gas you should run it at least once a month for about an hour or you will have problems down the road. Use ONLY for small things such as charging electronic things, maybe run your computer or tv for awhile, but do NOT hook up your refer or heating system etc to this. It will take out the motors in them as it is not enough power for the motors to come on correctly.

    CANDY fISHER Monkey+

    Thanks, I just need to know what oil, and all it will need so I can store it. Yep, I will run it now and often to keep it in good shape. I won it on ebay and its brand new and I wond it for 60.00
  6. Equilibrium

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    Yay!!! CANDY has a new prep!!! Congratulations! I'm..... "green" with envy.... just kidding but lucky you indeedy for catching that bargain.
  7. Nadja

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    Type of oil to use ? That depends on the person. I would recomend Napa 20-40 or the company that makes it which is Valvalveoline 20-40 It was recomended to me about 15 years ago and I have been using it on all my cars/trucks and all three of my gennies ever since. My gennie repair guy who is converting my gennie to propane and auto start from my inverter says this is about as good as it gets. Pricy , but very good oil.
  8. ColtCarbine

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    If it is a 2 stroke then you will need some 2 cycle oil.

    Check out the specs on the generator; it give you all the info you would need concerning engine oil, spark plug type, 2 stroke/4stroke engine etc....

    If you are unsure post a link and somebody could give you help deciphering the info.

    Congrats on the generator!!!!
  9. ghrit

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    Yep. If the owner's manual didn't come with it, do a search on the mfr and model number, you should be able to find it and get the required parts info. Meet the oil specifications, and you are good to go.

    CANDY fISHER Monkey+

    Just got done paying through paypal, asked the guy to send me the instructions if he has them. Im happy as a clam, my kids will enjoy there game boys for a while and me my kindle LOL. Im slowly adding books so I have some good reading when I need it.
  11. Nadja

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    Candy, that kindle thingie of yours , it's for books right ? If so, can you download info from here and the net ? Cause you can run it and your laptop on the little gennie you bought etc. On the laptop, you should be able to charge it while using it during the day and then just run off the batteries on it at night for at least a couple of hours or so.

    CANDY fISHER Monkey+

    I do not think I can down load anything but books from amazon. I will look into it. I love that kindle, its so fun to take my books along to all apointments as the magazines there are always months or years old LOL. I got many survuival books on it now, and will continue to down lod more. the cost on some of them are high, but when I have no more tv this is going to be worth its weight in gold. I have only charged it one time in a month! and even then it was only a small amount discharged. :)
  13. Nadja

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    Sounds like a fun thing to have. I think I will start downloading concerts and a few movies on my new dvd burner. My solar will allow me to run all the time , but if the grid were to go down, then I would have a lot more info and entertainment at my disposal.

    CANDY fISHER Monkey+

    we got one of them movie players you can take with you and has a battery back up. I also have a lap top. I figure with all the movies we have then the kids can watch them and the generator will help keep these things charged. :)
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    Because you have a Kindle, you have an e-mail address now at Amazon. You can send pdfs to this address and it will show up in your Kindle's menu. Reading a pdf is definitely not as good as native kindle books, but, it's doable.

    What this means is that you can convert any notes, photocopies, manuals that you want to pdf and have them on your Kindle.
  16. Nadja

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    Now that info makes having a kindle kinda worth having after all

    CANDY fISHER Monkey+

    I got the generator today and read through the manual and it said had to ground it using copper tubing, I never heard this before, do you all have to ground this to copper tubing and another piece into the ground?
  18. BTPost

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    Your Generator frame should to be grounded to the Common Ground Point in your Living Structure, ONLY. You would use a single GREEN wire. Once that is accomplished, you would just use extension cords to power your loads directly from the generator. That is the simplest way to operate it safely.

    CANDY fISHER Monkey+

    Not sure what you mean ( remember Im a gal who knows nothing about anythng generators lol.)
    what green wire, what living structure ? Im planning on having it on my back porch so where do I get this green wire ? it says coper yada yada . help ))))
    in other words your talking to a 5 year old so I need more of an explaination :) thank you
  20. BTPost

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    Where is the Electrical Panel, and Electrical Meter for your Living Structure. (House) Is it on the back porch? If so, then you need to run a preferably GREEN wire from the Frame of your generator and connect it to the metal case, of one or the other. this then binds your genset to your local Ground, as REQUIRED by the National Electrical Code. This is a Safety Issue, and is why they have this in the Instruction Book.


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