Washington appears to be after the rest of the 762X39

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by eeyore, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. eeyore

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    I got this from another forum, the info is out there. After they closed of the surplus market now they are after the next level (lowest-priced) of ammo.

    All they have to due is regulate the allow and components and they never have to restrict the second amendment. They have already started that with regulation of steel shot.

    Russia decries U.S. sanctions on arms exporting company

  2. Tango3

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  3. RaymondPeter

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    Aww F@*K!
  4. RouteClearance

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    Hopefully they can establish another exporter, will not hold my breath though.
  5. RaymondPeter

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    What's even worse... Wolf ammo was relatively cheap and still shot well too!
  6. tommy20/69

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    better buy all you can now!! what about silverbear and goldenbear??? are they from the same exporter?i shoot that ammo too and it's just as good as wolf.
  7. Byte

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    Yeah I love the Wolf Military Classic 7.62. My AK eats it up. Have never even bothered trying the Silver Bear/Brown Bear or Barnul. Wonder who their primary importers are. Please don't tell me it's the same co that imports Wolf. Even the fact that Wolf has just one importer is terrible! Imagine if they are all imported by the one... That would be some very bad news indeed! I'd cry!

  8. groovy mike

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    Good to see you here Eeyore, I don't visit this one often but here I am looking for more info. For those of you who were not shooting in 1984, a history lesson : teh president can at the stroke of a pen ban imported ammo as an executive order. It never has to get a vote. This is what happened to cheap steel core ammo. I used to buy steel core 7.62x39 at under a dime per cartridge, but it appears to be gone forever now....same could happen with all imported ammo at any time.
  9. dragonfly

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    And I was just in the process of ordering a couple of SKS's and 2 M-N's!
    What's next?
    Dare I even ask?!!!
  10. WestPointMAG

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    I just picked up 180 rounds of 5.45 for $5.00 a 20 round box. I used my Humummm discount I do not use it often but I was short on funds. By the way I live in IN. and we are not suppose to have a Humummm, it was one of those stroke of a pin things up I hope you understand. The funny thing is I am not Humummm but they understand why I need to stay as neutral as possible so give me the perks anyway. The price of ammo is going to get out of hand so get what you can now wile you can.
  11. dragonfly

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    Made the jump into hot water as it were!
    I just ordered 3 Moison-Nagant rifles, hand and bore selected, extra $$$.
    Now i have to order I figure at leat 1,500 rounds for the 3...
    Split 75/25%, between soft point 203 grain and FMJ ammo.
    I think the soft point has more application......
    Either or, it will work for MOST things that come my way!
    3 SKS's, then another 1,500 rounds, "IF", I can still buy them.
    Not easy on a "FIXED" income!!!
  12. Nomad 2nd

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    False alarm guys... Wolf is safe.
  13. dragonfly

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    Isn't the "wolf" brand made by the same outfit in TULA...?
  14. tommy20/69

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    thanks for telling me now i just snuck 500more round into the closet while the wife was sleeping.

  15. Tango3

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  16. tommy20/69

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    oh well i guess it was for a good cause right?? now my ak's have enough food for a while . now i need to stock up on some 5.56 ammo. anyone got a good scare story on that ammo.oh wait wolf makes that one too. man i should have stuck in a case of each when i was scared.lol:shock:
  17. SLugomist

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    I've trained enough with my SKS so any loads now are for storage or occasional hunting.

    Still picking up a pack of winchester 7.62x39 here and there. It is definately drying up.
  18. WestPointMAG

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